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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Hottie Got Lips...Hottie Got Hips


In South Philadelphia, born and raised, singing cover songs is how she spends most of her days.....D-D-D-D-Ray (it's actually Desiree). This girls so hot I stutter when I try to say her name. This 21 year old hottie is a Senior at Lasalle University, and she also plays in a cover band. She can be found hitting up the Philly nightlife with all her girlies, when she's not rockin out. She doesn't really look like a rocker chick which makes it all the more fun. With brown hair and beautiful blue eyes, this hottie is admittedly afraid of clowns..."omg they freak me out" So put the Insane Clown Posse look back in your closet with the other dark secrets you've hidden in there. Nice Z-Cavariccis, Vanilla.

If you really wanna win this girl over...drop the clown act, and woo her with Skittles and their rainbow flavor, or offer to buy her a martini. But don't be fooled by the classy habits, and gorgeous looks of this hottie. She's got a trucker mouth! I find that to oddly be a turn on. If a hottie can use at least two of George Carlin's seven words comfortably in the same sentence, it's music to my ears. I'm a big fan of today's hottie....maybe it's the confidence in her look, or just the fact that she can wail like Axl Rose...who knows? So how do you score a hottie like this?

Tip of the Day

Q: D-Ray, How can a Philly guy impress a hottie like you?
A: the best piece of advice i can give a single guy is if u wanna ask a girl out dont ask her "if she wants to go for a drink sometime" ask her to go to dinner.... asking her out for a drink can mean ur possibly trying to get her drunk haha taking her to dinner will help you get to know eachother better!