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Monday, December 31, 2007

Julia Gulia?!


Last day of the year?? Anyone got any good parties to hit up??? Eff New years. Amateur Night. It's when all the little boys and girls who never go out and drink go out and get wasted...leaving less room in the bar for the veterans like me. Today we've got Julia. I'm kinda under the weather, but this girl is smokin hot. MILF OF THE WEEK! Julia considers herself well rounded, outgoing, and able to adapt to any social environment. Like a long legged, big breasted chameleon. She likes to down her Coronas, and get dressed up in hot little outfits. we'll let her tell it...I pay much more attention to what a hotties saying than some schlepp like me.

What makes me unique is that i dont judge myself from other people, and i dont consider myself in a higher status than anyone out there. I can be myself around anyone, and i love bringing out a person's personality. Im a well rounded, outgoing person, and can adapt socially to many different types of people. I love to learn from others and maybe teach people a thing or two about my life! Im a single mother with confidence and style, and i love to make myself known out there!

She claims she's well rounded, which judging by these pictures, she's definitely well rounded in all the right areas. Well, fellas and fellates (ummmmm?), I wanna thank you for making this a fun year for us....keep reading and most importantly think of this page like the cops. Keep your hands where we can see em!

Tip of the Day

Q: Although it may be the hardest part of the date, how should a guy approach you for a date?

A: As for a date, a woman should Never make a guy feel Uncomfortable to approach her. I'm a very approachable person myself, and I would expect a man to be himself and present himself to me with good intentions and a goal to make a good first impression. I don't think men should be pushy or persistant unless its in a controlled manner. If they get let down by me it would be in an honest, mature, and open minded way. If I'm interested in them, then I would make my feelings known. I never hold back.

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Saturday, December 29, 2007

Atomic Bombshell's Anatomically Correct Dating Advice

Dear Atomic Bombshell,

I have been dating this girl for about 3 weeks. It seems like she is out every night. She knows a lot of club people because she used to work as a waitress in a strip club. Everytime we have gone out, she is always running and jumping on other guys to hug them and she gets so involved in conversations with these guys and pays no mind to what I'm doing. Every night she is out, she is drinking or drunk. But when we are alone or on the phone, she is totally different. She talks about how she wants to get married and eventually have kids. I don't get this girl at all. What is she doing?


Dear Confused,

Turn around and RUN the other way! She is what I like to call, "The Party Ho." You probably have money or a good job or something that offers her security or stability. You do not want to even try to figure this girl out. She probably has a lot of drama that follows her, as well. Going out and drinking every night (unless you're into alcoholics) is not a good sign. She obviously needs a lot of attention and with that kind of need, comes a lot of self image problems. Sounds like she could be a lot of work. My advice to you; there are plenty of girls out there. Don't get sucked into this one!

Atomic Bombshell


Do you have questions or comments about sex or dating? Email me at

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Friday, December 28, 2007

Cause This Hottie's Gonna Party Like It's 1999


Oh Fellas, have I got a treat for you today! Sheery comes to us from our fine city proving once again...we ain't ugly! This 5'3" beauty has a unique job. One we've never had on here before, but I've been dying to get dating advice from....she's a performer at Delilah's. (Insert guilty schoolboy laugh here). She's absolutely gorgeous. this is why I can't afford Delilah's and I'm stuck at the Oakford Inn, and the shitty titty. You know that one...the rainbow building on 611 in Horsham. What a palace. At the Shitty, if your dancers have more than three teeth, get the won't find better all night. Sherry's a down to earth girl, and finds guys have a tough time approaching her. NO's because we think she's been approached 45 times already that night, and whatever we have to offer doesn't compare to what the Sixers player in the VIP lounge offered. The things this girl can do on a rope are incredible. Plus she can probably support your broke ass, cause I bet she makes a killing at that place. Needless to say, I'll be cashing the paycheck and spending it entirely tonite. I figure this will be my NYE celebration. So I'm throwing on my purple crushed velvet jumpsuit, borrowing Sherry's platforms, and partying like a heterosexual Prince. Ooooow!

Tip of the Day

Q: Although it's probably the most difficult part of the date, how should a guy approach you for a date?

A: Lets see, the best way to approach me for a date is for the guy to be him, I don't like fakes or liars. He has to be real with me and no cheesy pick up lines!!! I've heard them all!

Let's get her to go for Entertainer of the Year.....Hottie of the Day and Entertainer of the Year. hmmmm tough choice right? Dude, right? Duuuuude

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Thursday, December 27, 2007

It's The Infamous, Back In The House Once Again

Infamous Dee

Infamous: "having a reputation of the worst kind : notoriously evil" Somehow that's not what I imagine when I look at this hottie. But if it's hidden somewhere in there, than I'd love to see that shit. Dee is a 25 year old student/model, who as she puts it is "100% Jersey Girl!" Ohh no. Maybe she is more trouble than I suspected. I've heard/witnessed those Jersey girls in action. Most stories are inappropriate for this venue. I'm lovin' Dee though, there really is this innocent look with a twinge of mischief attached to her. Like your best friends hot Hooters cousin, you know you wanna look, no matter how much he says not too. As the holiday lull ends, and my hangover continues, we'll let Dee explain this one.

I'm a 100% jersey girl who goes all over. You can find me in AC, Philly, NYC, or all over NJ. I am currently in grad school and my career is all about helping people. I am probably the most honest, blunt person you will ever meet which people either love or hate. I am also a part time model/promotions which is how I make extra money. My friends and family are the most important thing in the world to me. I definately love to have fun and love going to the hottest places and drink, dance, and have fun. I am also pretty laid back and can stay in and hang out as well.

One bone to pick...not with Dee, but in general. We couldn't use her actual name due to an internship she has, but it made me wonder. How much control do our jobs have over us? I mean, I've got a professional job, and my boss knows about the website. But what give them the right to say what you can and can't do before or after work? Especially if it's not affecting work. Who knows, maybe I'm wrong here....thoughts?

Tip of the Day

Q: Although it may be the hardest part, wat's the best way to approach you for a date?

A: How should a guy approach me for a date: The number one rule is not to be a jerk. I don't like those skeezy guys when you go out who hit on everything and are all about getting ass. I have way more respect for someone who honestly wants to get to know me and isn't trying to get some for the night. A man who comes off more respectful and honest definately has more of a chance with me. I'm sure other girls will agree!

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Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Hottie Doesn't Know....

Erica Jade

Well, Christmas is over and it's time to focus on where I'm stinkin drinkin' on NYE. In the meantime, we've got the 25 year old hottie, Erica Jade. She was a marketing major at Drexel University...and now she models on the side. I'm sick of holidays, man. I spend waaaay to much money on stuff that will have no value in a month. If someone shows me anothere webken or goddamn Beanie Baby, I'm gonna shit my pants. I absolutely hate the fact that I now have to be nice just this week, because it's December. Screw that. I'll be a miserable SOB as long as I want ...and you'll like it. Any-hooo, Erica is also a dancer. What I love about dancers is that they are always in tip top shape. No freshman 20...they dance that shit right off! Hooooooooot. Anyway, I need to go back and stumble into my miserable corner of the world, run to the mall and return shit (which will make me more bitter), and then I'm getting back to a normal, not binge drinking routine. Bah Humbug!

Tip of the Day

Q: Although it's probably the hardest part, how should a guy approach you for a date?

A: I would say guys should just be honest and be themselves when approaching a girl. You can't take it personaly if a girl shoots you down you never know what kind of day she had.

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Monday, December 24, 2007

Tara, The Local Hottie, Had A Very Shiny Nose?


Damn.....sorry for the late post. Last minute Christmas hassle has brought my level of sheer to a minimum. Thank god for Tara to brighten my day for a little bit. This hottie comes to us from as she puts it "Philthy-delphia". Beautiful smile, smokin hot body, and she owns a 40 pound pug! That's a fat doggy! Not fat, big-boned, sir. Political correctness also dampens my holiday spirit. I believe Christmas has become to commercialized for it's own good. It's all about the gifts, and not too much about family anymore. That being said, someone can feel free to drop an Apple Imac under my tree. You know, spread the wealth. I'm gonna let Tara explain herself today. Tara, break off something proper-like....

im a vegetarian from south jersey. im a bartender with a degree in science who owns and loves a 40 lb pug!! i also love scary movies, taking my jeep offroading and Ethiopian food. Hate slow drivers, people who are mean to animals and george bush!

Sweet! I got a jeep too. It's affectionately called the creeper, because it looks like a Stalker Mobile. Tara also swam competitively for 15 you know what that means. She's in siiiick shape. Look at the stomach! Meeeeee-ow.

Tip of the Day

Q: Although it's probably the most difficult part of the date, how should a guy approach you for a date?

A: How to approach me for a date? i hate cheesy pick up lines. if a guy comes up to me and seems geniune and sweet, i will talk to him and maybe go out with him.

Simple enough. Mental note for the day....stand in front of mirror for 20 minutes and practice looking genuine and sweet. Pout lips, flutter eyelashes, and go get em, Tiger!

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Saturday, December 22, 2007

Atomic Bombshell's Anatomically Correct Dating Advice

Dear Atomic Bombshell,

My girl and I, recently were talking about what we like and don't like in bed. She told me that she didn't want to hurt my feelings, but she thinks that I'm too loud and too vocal. She said it's so loud sometimes that it embarrasses her. I was a little mad at first. So the last time we were having sex, all I could think about was how loud I was being. I don't think I'm really that loud. I'm just vocal and get lost in the moment. There is nothing wrong with that, right?


Dear Screamer,

Yeah, I went there.. I'm sorry, did you just say that your girl lived in an old folks home? Seriously, WHO is she embarrassed for? There is nothing wrong with being loud and screaming your heart out unless there are children or roommates in the house. She needs to get over it. So what? You're a yeller! Big deal! It's sex. It's fun. And if nothing else, she should call her best girlfriends the next day and tell them you're a total screamer in the sack! That's awesome! Don't go changing for anyone!

Atomic Bombshell

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Friday, December 21, 2007

Walking In A Winter Hottieland!


I'm going to open this one up with a holiday poem. It's only 4 deal with it. We are back to the blondes again...sorry couldn't stay away.

"King of Prussia Mall people come from far and near
Holiday Shopping is like getting shot in the ear
Long lines, traffic, no parking, dumb people.. now here's an idea
Me relaxing on the couch with a beer with my around Julia"

It's terrible, but it I had to get some type of Holiday reference in this thing.

This 23 year old hottie used to not have too many guy friends. Look at these pictures people...and give me one good reason how that is possible. I bet your kicking yourself that you didn't give her the time of day back when you were playing fag football....excuse me flag football with your friends. Julia has a degree in Biokinetics from Eastern University and currently works in Corporate Fitness. She must have been working it pretty hard because she has crooked pinkies. Yeah, we get all the details here....and I wonder if there is a fetish for that. Start searching freak. She loves ethnic food and fly fishing. I know some of you are trying to go fly fishing right now, but keep your hands above the table...sorry that was too easy. Well, of course now she has a bunch of guy friends, but she doesn't like the "boys club" attitude. The Gotti Blowout comes to mind with that. She still loves hanging out with them though...minus the blowout. She loves being out of college now and everything seems to be going well...see the attached 6 pictures if you don't believe her...HOT! So, I guess I'll let you get back to fly fishing now boys....pervs.

Tip of the Day

Q: Is there really such a thing as a guy best friend? Or is that just trouble waiting to happen?

A: I think it is possible for a friendship to exist between a guy and a girl as long as the boundaries are set from the very beginning and continually upheld. I have a best guy friend and we refer to eachother as brother and sister. It's a very tempting thing to look to your guy friends for attention when you're feeling low, but it's important to remember to treat them like you would a girl so the relationship is clearly defined!.

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Thursday, December 20, 2007

I'm Focused Maaan, Tell Hottie To Holler At Me, Maaan! Local Hotties, Ya Heard?


Oh boy. Back to the brunettes, snitches! Shannon is a 25 year old hottie who lives in Rockledge... which I think is by Abington and Jenkintown. But don't quote me on that, booble map it. Her gorgeous smile comes from working the last 6 years as an office manager at a Dental office. Open wide ...STOP right there. We're not going that route. Too simple. Shannon's a hard worker, and she's heading back to school to get her Dental X-Ray license. Hot and well compensated. I guess I'm a good match since opposites attract and I'm ugly and poor. YES! I always knew that would work out for me! One downside to this hottie...she's originally from Jersey. I'm not a huge fan of Jersey. I like my left hand turns and my hair unteased. But if your a fan of this site, you know we LOOOVE our Jerzey Girls. Shannon can be found in Olde City on the weekends, partying it up with her betches (that's my new Paris Hilton slang. THANKS TMZ!). She can party with the best of 'em. She enjoys her Eagles games, Phillies games, and you can also find her hitting up Rock concerts. No Emo please Shannon! Please tell me no emo....please? Another thing that I l ike about her is that she's not judgemental. So when I walk up with my socially awkward chatting ability, and funny sort of style, I'm not IMMEDIATELY written off. Give me 5 minutes to offend/stick my foot in my mouth/gross her out. Your pick. Shannon, thank you, hottie for all your help! Oh and by the way...they're real and they're spectacular!

Tip of the Day

Q: Is there really such a thing as a guy best friend? Or is that just trouble waiting to happen?

A: I have many guy "friends" but at one point or another each one has at one point tried to kiss me or tell me that he has more then "friends" feelings for me- but i think u can still remain friends as long as you both agree that you'll never be more then friends. When one person feels differently, it will NEVER work.

Another bonus to this hottie! She's a fan of this site, so she's obviously got great taste and can handle toilet humor!

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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

I'ma Tell You Like Wu Told Me, Hotties Rule Everything Around Me

Kourtney Lee

It's Official! I've got a new favorite. I realize I'm supposed to be impartial..kinda like your parents. But here's the bad news, they really like your sibling better. Sorry. Anyway, Kourtney When I received an e-mail saying she'd be our hottie of the day, I cried tears of joy. It felt like I was watching the end of Bambi all over again. This 21 year old hottie looks like Pam Anderson and Jessica Simpson fulfilled your wildest fantasy (no, not playing Yahtzee while braiding eachothers hair...the other one), and this is their love child. I don't even know what I like best...face, body, legs, personality? Where to start...where to end? She likes to make people laugh, which is a bonus, because we've all seen what happens when girlfriends don't have senses of humor. Right, Mike? I need a moment. Kourtney Lee, what can you tell these freaks about yourself?

About me? Im Kourtney with a K damnit. I am very outgoing, and very laid back as well. I am a small town country girl, with big goals and a big heart. I love to dance to techno and trance music. I am very fun to be around, and can make even the most unhappy person smile. I am very witty, and I joke around maybe a little to much. I am very much into sports, mostly ice hockey. Go Flyers! I model full time and work at a club as a shot girl, while going to school part time for communications degree so i can be a personality on the radio. My biggest goal would to be on The Real World!

Really though...she might be my favorite hottie ever! Student/model/sports fan/comedian....that's alot of hats to wear. Luckily, she looks good in hats. I've said I'm done, and I've traveled the road less taken or whatever....but I'm proposing. This girl's perfect for me. I mean, I've got nothing to offer....she's got the looks. We can live off those til we're like 30ish, then I'll pursue a career in rock and roll, I'll hit it big and we live happy ever after. Pam Anderson and Tommy Lee style. Oh shit...bad analogy. Pam and Kid Rock.... hmmm..I got it. Pam Anderson and Rick Soloman..til theyre old and grey. At least she got me interested in hockey again. Seriously, if she said yes, I'd probably not follow through with it....but I'd definitely propose. Kourtney Lee.....Marry Me?!

Tip of the Day

Q: Is there a such thing as a guy best friend? Or is that just trouble waiting to happen?

A: yes there is such a thing as a girl having a best guy friend. Sometimes that is easier than having a girl as a friend. You need to have guy friends in your life. Sometimes though it can suck, because people can think that you are together with them. So, if you want to "find" boys, I wouldnt exactly go out with them to find one. HA they can be overprotecting, and a cock block.

Be sure to visit Kourtney Lee at

I've been there like 5 times already today. Also add her modeling myspace

I thought we'd been over this before...but remember not to douche bag her out. Don't verbally molest our hotties so that they never wanna come back!

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