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Friday, December 21, 2007

Walking In A Winter Hottieland!


I'm going to open this one up with a holiday poem. It's only 4 deal with it. We are back to the blondes again...sorry couldn't stay away.

"King of Prussia Mall people come from far and near
Holiday Shopping is like getting shot in the ear
Long lines, traffic, no parking, dumb people.. now here's an idea
Me relaxing on the couch with a beer with my around Julia"

It's terrible, but it I had to get some type of Holiday reference in this thing.

This 23 year old hottie used to not have too many guy friends. Look at these pictures people...and give me one good reason how that is possible. I bet your kicking yourself that you didn't give her the time of day back when you were playing fag football....excuse me flag football with your friends. Julia has a degree in Biokinetics from Eastern University and currently works in Corporate Fitness. She must have been working it pretty hard because she has crooked pinkies. Yeah, we get all the details here....and I wonder if there is a fetish for that. Start searching freak. She loves ethnic food and fly fishing. I know some of you are trying to go fly fishing right now, but keep your hands above the table...sorry that was too easy. Well, of course now she has a bunch of guy friends, but she doesn't like the "boys club" attitude. The Gotti Blowout comes to mind with that. She still loves hanging out with them though...minus the blowout. She loves being out of college now and everything seems to be going well...see the attached 6 pictures if you don't believe her...HOT! So, I guess I'll let you get back to fly fishing now boys....pervs.

Tip of the Day

Q: Is there really such a thing as a guy best friend? Or is that just trouble waiting to happen?

A: I think it is possible for a friendship to exist between a guy and a girl as long as the boundaries are set from the very beginning and continually upheld. I have a best guy friend and we refer to eachother as brother and sister. It's a very tempting thing to look to your guy friends for attention when you're feeling low, but it's important to remember to treat them like you would a girl so the relationship is clearly defined!.