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Thursday, December 20, 2007

I'm Focused Maaan, Tell Hottie To Holler At Me, Maaan! Local Hotties, Ya Heard?


Oh boy. Back to the brunettes, snitches! Shannon is a 25 year old hottie who lives in Rockledge... which I think is by Abington and Jenkintown. But don't quote me on that, booble map it. Her gorgeous smile comes from working the last 6 years as an office manager at a Dental office. Open wide ...STOP right there. We're not going that route. Too simple. Shannon's a hard worker, and she's heading back to school to get her Dental X-Ray license. Hot and well compensated. I guess I'm a good match since opposites attract and I'm ugly and poor. YES! I always knew that would work out for me! One downside to this hottie...she's originally from Jersey. I'm not a huge fan of Jersey. I like my left hand turns and my hair unteased. But if your a fan of this site, you know we LOOOVE our Jerzey Girls. Shannon can be found in Olde City on the weekends, partying it up with her betches (that's my new Paris Hilton slang. THANKS TMZ!). She can party with the best of 'em. She enjoys her Eagles games, Phillies games, and you can also find her hitting up Rock concerts. No Emo please Shannon! Please tell me no emo....please? Another thing that I l ike about her is that she's not judgemental. So when I walk up with my socially awkward chatting ability, and funny sort of style, I'm not IMMEDIATELY written off. Give me 5 minutes to offend/stick my foot in my mouth/gross her out. Your pick. Shannon, thank you, hottie for all your help! Oh and by the way...they're real and they're spectacular!

Tip of the Day

Q: Is there really such a thing as a guy best friend? Or is that just trouble waiting to happen?

A: I have many guy "friends" but at one point or another each one has at one point tried to kiss me or tell me that he has more then "friends" feelings for me- but i think u can still remain friends as long as you both agree that you'll never be more then friends. When one person feels differently, it will NEVER work.

Another bonus to this hottie! She's a fan of this site, so she's obviously got great taste and can handle toilet humor!