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Monday, December 31, 2007

Julia Gulia?!


Last day of the year?? Anyone got any good parties to hit up??? Eff New years. Amateur Night. It's when all the little boys and girls who never go out and drink go out and get wasted...leaving less room in the bar for the veterans like me. Today we've got Julia. I'm kinda under the weather, but this girl is smokin hot. MILF OF THE WEEK! Julia considers herself well rounded, outgoing, and able to adapt to any social environment. Like a long legged, big breasted chameleon. She likes to down her Coronas, and get dressed up in hot little outfits. we'll let her tell it...I pay much more attention to what a hotties saying than some schlepp like me.

What makes me unique is that i dont judge myself from other people, and i dont consider myself in a higher status than anyone out there. I can be myself around anyone, and i love bringing out a person's personality. Im a well rounded, outgoing person, and can adapt socially to many different types of people. I love to learn from others and maybe teach people a thing or two about my life! Im a single mother with confidence and style, and i love to make myself known out there!

She claims she's well rounded, which judging by these pictures, she's definitely well rounded in all the right areas. Well, fellas and fellates (ummmmm?), I wanna thank you for making this a fun year for us....keep reading and most importantly think of this page like the cops. Keep your hands where we can see em!

Tip of the Day

Q: Although it may be the hardest part of the date, how should a guy approach you for a date?

A: As for a date, a woman should Never make a guy feel Uncomfortable to approach her. I'm a very approachable person myself, and I would expect a man to be himself and present himself to me with good intentions and a goal to make a good first impression. I don't think men should be pushy or persistant unless its in a controlled manner. If they get let down by me it would be in an honest, mature, and open minded way. If I'm interested in them, then I would make my feelings known. I never hold back.


dubceesfinest said...

I like this sites style, they save the best for last!