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Monday, December 17, 2007

Jenni Lynn, Eat Your Food! Gosh!

Jenni Lynn

This week we're tackling the age old dillemma of hotties who have guys as best friends. Is it normal, will it be a problem, are you gay? I think in smoe way or another the answer is yes to all qustions, fruitcake. Today we've brought you the lovely Jenni Lynn. This 23 year old beauty is all brains. Don't let her ditzy demeanor confuse you, this hottie is Smart. S-M-R-T, to steal a line from Homer Simpson. She graduated at the top of her class in High School and college! she also has the old doublename syndrome, which is key for a hottie. It's a never fail rule, like gravity. Two names = double the hotness. Jenni Lynn also loves change and despises drama. She's constantly changing her look just out of boredom. I do that too. Then it goes horribly wrong, and I'm left with my hands down my extremely tight jeans (poor purchase) while my feaux-hawk blows in the wind. I'm not a big proponent of change. For Jenni Lynn though, I love it. Beautiful smile and a fun girl all in one package. She's also got a lip piercing, which leads me to believe that she's got a freaky side to her. It begs me to ask the question...what else is pierced, and why is it pierced? I'm intimidated by smart hotties though. I sometimes think they're too bright for my filthy sense of humor, and my not-so-witty lines. Basically, dumb and cute is what I work best an artist with oil paints. Needless to say, I'm a fan of this one. If she didn't have a boyfriend, I'd propose.

Tip of the Day

Q: Is there really such a thing as a girl having a best guy friend? Or is that trouble waiting to happen?

A: My best friend is a guy, Matty cakes, and yes i have a boyfriend and hes fine with it. as long as there's trust in your relationship there shouldn't be a problem. I just think you need to explain to your guy about your relationship with your guy best friend and that there's nothing to worry about. Hes been my friend forever and we're super close and i love him to death but nothing romantically has ever happen between us. He just like a brother to me!