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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

So Let The Voice Of freedom, Sing Out Through The Land, This Is Our Hottie!


I've been big into conspiracy theories lately. Like why'd Mike Vick get 2 years, but a former NBA player busted doing the same thing got probation..not as big of a name? Also, I don't believe the infamous J-Mac, the mentally challenged posterboy who hit 6 three pointers in a basketball game, was really mentally challenged. I mean, where was his helmet and elbow pads? Corey Haim played a better mentally challnged character in Lucas. And they really exist, and why do I find them soooo hot? I decided to explore the tomboy conspiracy out of fear for verbal lashbacks, and hell if I continued to pursue th eJMAC theory. I came across Natalie, who is a 24 year old hottie and tomboy. She used to play softball and hang with the boys. While now she's smoking hot, she doesn't particularly agree with the way she's treated now. She liked being treated as one of the boys, just hanging out playing I'll show your mine...or riding bikes around the hood. I wonder who the tomboy I graduated with is...BRCR? Is there a hidden one I'm not sure of....I mean its been a few years. Anywhoooo, I wanted to have Natalie up last week, but she wouldn't have been around to see it. She just spent her b-day in Vegas this weekend. Ahhh, the stories she could tell. I'm personally afraid of Vegas....I fear it more than spiders, and other bugs. Natalie is smokin hot though. Great body (athletic!) and fun personality. What more could you ask for,. All women should be tomboys! And are tomboys hot because they can do guy things and enjoy them? Like, I could probably ask Natalie to play me one on one in basketball and she'd be like "Shit yeah!" I mean, it wouldn't really be a game regardless because men are superior athletes...but I couldn't foul out either so I can grab all I want. Here's Nat's thoughts on why she likes being a tomboy....

I used to be a huge tomboy when I was younger until a few years ago and even though I look different, I still am the same girl that people once knew and its eye-opening how differently you get treated just based upon your looks....and honestly...I wish I still was treated as I was when I didnt look the way I do was easier to see who was real and who was fake, and who was honest and who was not....

Makes you think huh? Am I that shallow? I mean..I help run a website based on how hot girls are...with voting machines and comments. And I've turned girls down to be on the site because I haven't felt they were up to our standards. And if I'm shallow, are you shallow for reading this...and more importantly I care? Nope!

Tip of the Day

Q: If you had one piece of dating advice for guys....what would it be?

A: My advice to a guy.....just be yourself! If you have to act differently just to get a girl's attention its not going to work and if you have to change for someone, they arent worth it anyway!


Anonymous said...

Natile you look awesome now...but I still view ya the same way I did in middle school girl =)