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Monday, December 24, 2007

Tara, The Local Hottie, Had A Very Shiny Nose?


Damn.....sorry for the late post. Last minute Christmas hassle has brought my level of sheer to a minimum. Thank god for Tara to brighten my day for a little bit. This hottie comes to us from as she puts it "Philthy-delphia". Beautiful smile, smokin hot body, and she owns a 40 pound pug! That's a fat doggy! Not fat, big-boned, sir. Political correctness also dampens my holiday spirit. I believe Christmas has become to commercialized for it's own good. It's all about the gifts, and not too much about family anymore. That being said, someone can feel free to drop an Apple Imac under my tree. You know, spread the wealth. I'm gonna let Tara explain herself today. Tara, break off something proper-like....

im a vegetarian from south jersey. im a bartender with a degree in science who owns and loves a 40 lb pug!! i also love scary movies, taking my jeep offroading and Ethiopian food. Hate slow drivers, people who are mean to animals and george bush!

Sweet! I got a jeep too. It's affectionately called the creeper, because it looks like a Stalker Mobile. Tara also swam competitively for 15 you know what that means. She's in siiiick shape. Look at the stomach! Meeeeee-ow.

Tip of the Day

Q: Although it's probably the most difficult part of the date, how should a guy approach you for a date?

A: How to approach me for a date? i hate cheesy pick up lines. if a guy comes up to me and seems geniune and sweet, i will talk to him and maybe go out with him.

Simple enough. Mental note for the day....stand in front of mirror for 20 minutes and practice looking genuine and sweet. Pout lips, flutter eyelashes, and go get em, Tiger!