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Thursday, December 13, 2007

I Can't Stand The Rain Like Missy Elliott


What a crappy day. I literally despise rain. But the show must go on, so we brought you Rinko. The name alone makes her stand out from the crowd. She was originally born in Japan, and moved to the US 7 years ago. She lived in San Diego...aka Whales Vagina, then moved to Philly. The culture in Philly has stuck to her. She loves all things this fine city has to offer. Rocky, Phillies, Eagles..... apparently not too many cheesesteaks judging from those pictures. You can catch Rinko out on the town, partying it up with her girlfriends..all dressed up anbd lookin for trouble. And this winter, she's gonna try snowboarding. Any of you freaks instructors? You can help her out! I have to be honest, I think she still has a lingering accent, which makes my Gap jeans melt. She graduated from Temple also, making her a true Philly chick. That adds some brains to the beauty. Check her out for yourself. Added bonus to this hottie...she can play bar games. She can play pool, darts, and poker...which apparently has become a bar game in the last year or two. Hotties who play bar games are automatically awesome. It's a don't touch the girl under 18 years old. Sure, you can stare...but do not touch!

Tip of the Day

Q: If you had ONE piece of dating advice for guys....what would it be?

A: playing game is for boys not for men. come straight forward and show your affection/attraction to the girl that u r romantically interested in. no guessing games.If u r dumb, u will be dumpted. if u r a jerk, u will get a same kind. you have to be real to get a real woman. simple isnt it?