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Wednesday, December 5, 2007



I forgot to wish all our Jewish readers a Happy Chanukah. Yeah, I went Ch with it. Ashley comes to us from the Philly Burbs. The water there gives the ladies the extra curves. I'm gonna do a study to prove that. The girls in the suburbs have the incredible bodies. It's really a sight to see. Just go to Bucks County Community College on a nice spring day. Yo ucan perv it all you want. Ummmm, or so I've been told. Ashley's an honest, down to earth girl, who loves to play hard to get. So that means, you have to get rejected MULTIPLE times before you even have a chance. One rejection is fine by me. Like four from one girl, and I feel like I'm watching a bad episode of Saved By The Bell. Lisa Turtle, will you be my valentine?? Not in your wildest dreams, NEEEEEEEEEERD. This girls got a beautiful smile, and she obviously works out in order to keep in such good shape. Oh, I didn't mention she's a cheerleader. Yeah.....we rule. Apparently, once you get PAST the hard to get stage, this hottie's yours forever. My fragile self esteemed ass wouldn't get that far. No lie...Anyway, enjoy the advice, and don't for get to eat your lox and spin your dreidles! Oy-Vey!

Tip of the Day

Q: If you had one piece of advice to give guys....what would it be?

A: Dont try too hard__ be yourself. If the girl doesnt like you for who you are... theres one out there somewhere who will. No girl likes a guy that tries too hard, because then obviously its proving the girl just isnt that into you to give you the time of day :)