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Tuesday, December 4, 2007

She's Got Legs And She Knows How To Use Them


Oh boy,.....I think we've got our hands full today. To quote Paulie Walnuts from the Sopranos..."Look at da stems on blondie." Legs for days. Weeks even. Magdalena hails from Philly, but just recently moved to Jersey. Wait a second, isn't it supposed to be the other way around? I thought people were born in sick of the mullets, the no left turns, Eli Manning, and moved over to Philly. Hmm, I learn something new everyday. She's got a bit of an attitude but I'm pretty sure I like it. Magdalena has the body and the brains to be a hottie of the day. She's currently enrolled in school. Waaaaaaaait a minute. Do you even care what I have to say? Magdalena, now that I got my Jersey dig in, tell em why you're our Hottie of the Day!

i love to joke around & smiling is my all time favoritest thing to do it takes me about a half hour 2 tell a 2 min story! butt u gotta love the MAGDALENA way! family always says i should have a TV show because im such an actress!! and i think their right! im going to school for radiology! yes body and a brain!! haha u gotta love me! im pretty much a girly girl & very materialistic!! i love pink n my credit card<333>

Thanks M. So basically, a lot like Paris Hilton, but with brains and boobs. Admit it, Paris has no boobs. Magdalena does. Anyway, again ...thanks to everyone who came out Saturday. Hope y'all had a great time. It was good catching up with a lot of you. Love you, bitches!

Tip of the day

Q: If you had one piece of advice to give a guy...what would it be?

A: Best advice i would ever give to a guy would be, be yourself! Fake goes both ways. If your going to try to be fake to a girl she will spot it out right away! TRUST ME WHEN I TELL YOU!! Girls can be the fakest any given day or time! We are used to it from experience so we know especially when a guy trys to play that role.