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Saturday, December 22, 2007

Atomic Bombshell's Anatomically Correct Dating Advice

Dear Atomic Bombshell,

My girl and I, recently were talking about what we like and don't like in bed. She told me that she didn't want to hurt my feelings, but she thinks that I'm too loud and too vocal. She said it's so loud sometimes that it embarrasses her. I was a little mad at first. So the last time we were having sex, all I could think about was how loud I was being. I don't think I'm really that loud. I'm just vocal and get lost in the moment. There is nothing wrong with that, right?


Dear Screamer,

Yeah, I went there.. I'm sorry, did you just say that your girl lived in an old folks home? Seriously, WHO is she embarrassed for? There is nothing wrong with being loud and screaming your heart out unless there are children or roommates in the house. She needs to get over it. So what? You're a yeller! Big deal! It's sex. It's fun. And if nothing else, she should call her best girlfriends the next day and tell them you're a total screamer in the sack! That's awesome! Don't go changing for anyone!

Atomic Bombshell

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