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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Take Heed Cause I'm A Lyrical Poet, Local Hotties On The Scene Just In Case You Didn't Know It

Alinna Marie

I don't even know where to begin with this hottie....Double name. Alinna is from Trenton, where Trenton Makes and Local Hotties Takes. She's 22 years old and works "for the county at welfare". I'm not exactly sure what that means, but I'll be lining up in Trenton on the 1st to get my government cheese. Just so I can get a glimpse of this hottie. And because I hear foodstamps are the shiiiiiit. I'm gonna roll up like ODB, in a limo popping champagne. Trust me, I've done worse. Alinna loves hitting up Philly on the weekends to get her swerve on. She loves fine dining and loves to travel. an expensive date, but look at well spent. She travels at least twice a year, and her favorite destination is Cancun. Hearing that is like music to my ears. She's a party girl.....perhaps dare I say... a Girl Gone Wild maybe? Now that would be an ultimate co-ed fantasy come the commercial promises. In the new year Alinna will be starting school in order to become a social worker. A hottie with a heart who enjoys helping people. But come summertime...its all about the party. You can find her sitting on the beach as much as possible, sucking down a few cocktails and making sure she has no tan lines. I made the tan lines part up...I didn't see any in the pictures so I'm using my overactive imagination. I've finally put it to good use...screw you Doctor! My favorite thing about this hottie.....the smile. It's that "I'm good but I can be oh so bad" smile. Absolutely beautiful! I begged her to be on the site, and we finally got her! So sit back relax, stop molesting yourself and read this hotties advice. Thank you Alinna!

Tip of the Day

Q: Is there really such a thing as a girl having a best guy friend? Or is that trouble waiting to happen?

A: yes i think its possible for a girl to have a guy best friend.. you have to appreciate the friendship you have with that person because if they were to hook up the friendship would never be the same...its good because a guy and a girl can learn a great deal from each other. Guys learn how to listen because girls love to girl talk and discuss things, while girls can get inside information how men think, or why men do this and that ..its good to have the oppisite sex


Anonymous said...

hottie of the year
always gives me the best food stamps