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Saturday, November 29, 2008

Atomic Bombshells Anatomically Correct Dating Advice

Dear Atomic Bombshell,

I have been trying to meet quality girls. It seems like the only place to meet anyone is bars and clubs. I was wondering what your thoughts were on those online dating services?

E. Harmon

Dear "E. Harmon,"

Go for it! The world we live in is all about getting everything that you need with a phone call or internet. Sure, a lot of it seems impersonal. Who has the time to be "out there" like that? I can honestly tell you that I know someone who has successfully found suitors with a popular online dating service. Those people are not shy about what they are looking for. Right down to how much money their ideal partner should make. These are people who are looking outside of social gatherings, bars, clubs or chance meetings, to hopefully find the person that completes them. I'm sure like anything else, there will be a few bad dates. If you know what you are looking for, I think you could probably have a some success with something like I say give it a try! Be honest about what you are looking for. It never hurts to try, especially if you are not having that much success, elsewhere. Best of luck to you!

Atomic Bombshell

Do you have questions or comments about sex or dating? I want to hear all about it. Email me at

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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

She Got Me Thinking Of A Master Plan, Nah I'm Lyin. Hottie On My Mind

Heather Elizabeth

Good morning, homos...oh, homeys. Typo. Please call GLAAD and inform them of my typing error. I'm gonna be boxer brief today because sometimes words aren't really needed. Today we are bringing you an absolute cutie. Heather Elizabeth (double the name, double the hotness) is here to whisk away all your woes. This cutie comes to us from Delaware (Dela-where?), but she is a Philly girl at heart. She used to work (and still might) at club 27, one of Philly's premier hotspots, and you can find her gallivanting all over the tri-state are tryin to get the paper, Holmes. Sorry, I fell asleep with MTV Jams on so I've got that slang on my brain. Heather Elizabeth kinda reminds of a young Sarah Michelle Gellar, except she's got a much better body. In fact, her ass is incredible. She got a Donk. Let's hear what this cutie pie has to say about herself.
My name is Heather elizabeth
im 20 years old (4..14..88)
im a full time nanny in delaware
I graduated night school(hight school diploma) and savin up to start college next fall to become either a pediatrician or children counsler
I love to spend time w ma family and friends go to the beach and swim in the ocean =)&& im addicted to watchin MTV!

She's addicted to MTV too! We could watch MTV Jams, and release our inner Lil Weezy F Baby (please say the Baby). If she becomes a pediatrician, does that mean that she'll have a nurses outfit? Naughty Nurse? She's got a high school diploma, and she has dreams of moving forward in her life. That's what we like to see. Someone who's never exactly settled in...always moving forward to improve themselves. It sounds like Heather had a rough patch, but everyone makes mistake and hopefully we are able to get up, brush ourselves off, and move forward. So listen to this hotties advice, and you too may be able to score yourself a Club 27 girl with ass for days.
Tip of the Day
Q: What should a guy do to impress the lovely Heather Elizabeth?
A: For a guy to impress me he must
1. must show respect, and not come up to me say 'hey mami what good' be a gentleman.
2.Please dont act hardcore, we like bad boys but if another guy looks at me dont try to jump down anyone throat
3. i know this sounds superficial, but please try to keep your teeth nice, i cant stand black teeth =( i know for a fact there are clinic that can do your teeth mad cheap.
what i like in guy,im a sucker for the perfect smile and the gorgeous eyes!

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Monday, November 24, 2008

The Roxx Is In The Building!

Crystal Roxx

Wow, so much for my Phillies Championship high. Any remnants of it was completely erased by what can simply be described as the "What The Hell Just Happened" Eagles game yesterday. But quit the panicking and saying McNabbs done and this and that. It's similar to a starting pitcher....Hamels gets pulled early sometimes too! Sometimes it's just not working and benching McNabb might light that fire back up under his ass. So let's stop with the Kolb for President campaign. Today, we're bringing you the lovely and semi-crazy Crystal Roxx. She's part blonde haired bombshell, part gangsta (what! what!) and allll hottie. Not only is Crystal hot but she's got a halfcrazy personality that guaranteed to always keep you on your toes. Crystals been a Coor Light promo girl, so odds are you've seen her galloping all over Philly representing the Coors Light brand. Just hopefully you're a real man, and you aren't drinking that piss. I've gotten drunker off NyQuil than off Coors Light. What I like about Ms. Roxx the most is that bubbly spontaneous personality I previously mentioned. She's always going to keep you entertained, or constantly get your ass kicked, but it's gotta be fun going out knowing, "Shit, something could go horribly wrong tonite with this girl around."

Crystal enjoys Reality Tv, Tanning, working out, Reading books and hanging out with good friends. And her friends are hot.....and then there's also some big dudes she hangs out with, who I'm sure can fight cause I think Ms. Roxx has nooooo problem starting some shit. She really is hot though. Let's not get away from that. Flat stomach, great asspiece, and a gorgeous smile. Crystal can easily change me to a blonde man, plus read her advice...she even gave some for the ladies.

Tip of the Day

Q: Crystal tell us a little bit about what you look for in a guy, and give these ladies a little piece of advice to while your at it, eh?

A:Dating tips, just be yourself. Guys love that, and a girl who can be silly classy and just hang with the guys at the same time!

What I look for in a male is a great sense of humor, great smile, nice butt and can hold a great conversation I also love a Driven man with goals that he strives to succeed in.

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Saturday, November 22, 2008

Atomic Bombshell's Anatomically Correct Dating Advice

Dear Atomic Bombshell,

I feel like I was cornered into meeting this girl's family on Thanksgiving. We have only been seeing each other for 3 weeks. She's really cool and I like hanging out with her but I'm not into this at all. I said yes, in the midst of a wonderful date. She asked me if I would "stop by" her family's house on Thanksgiving to say hi and have a drink. Okay, not a big deal. Then last night, she was like, "I can't believe you are coming to meet my family for Thanksgiving!" Well, when she said it like that, it just sounded completely different than "Hey, you should stop by my families house on Thanksgiving, and say hi have a drink with me." It seems so much more casual and less pressure when she said it that way. Now, she is so excited about it. It has a totally different vibe and I don't want to go. Do I make any sense? How do I get out of going without her hating me?
Do NOT Want to Meet The Parents

Dear "Do NOT Want to Meet The Parents,"

I actually understand exactly where you are coming from. Her presentation was false. She probably had more expectations of the "stopping by on a major family holiday." She was probably nervous when she asked you and completely down-played the situation and what it meant to her. First things first, what the hell are you doing "dating" someone around the holidays? If you don't feel that way about this person or you just enjoy her company when you are in the mood for company, phase it out! What's next? What did you buy me for Christmas? Get a grip on this now! Second, tell her exactly what you told me. When it was first discussed, it was not a big deal. Now you feel like it is a big deal and maybe something that you are not ready for. Tell her, perhaps it would be better for you to me her parents on a regular day when there is less pressure and LESS FAMILY around. If she is not a crazy girl, she will understand that it has only been a few weeks and a holiday is not always the best time to have this meeting. If she freaks out, she probably already had your children's names picked out and has practiced writing her first name with your last name, so thank god you dodged that bullet! I hope it all works out for you. Thanks for writing.

Atomic Bombshell

Do you have questions or comments about sex or dating? I want to hear all about it. Email me at

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Friday, November 21, 2008

Yo, Yo, Yo HomeGirl, Bow Chicka Wow Wow, Whaddup Shorty?

The Bitch Is Back

This is our first ever repeating hottie. We've had the goal of NEVER repeating a hottie, but sometimes beauty and personality transcends so far off the interwebs, that it's just necessary to bring a hottie back. There's also another special reason I brought Britt back. Here's Britt's original post (REAL LINK TO HER FIRST POST), and you may remember her as the hottie who's boyfriend ran her down with his car and put her fine ass in the hospital. Now there's always the old joke, "you read in the papers that so and so was arrested for hitting a woman, but it never explains what SHE did", and I think it's entirely inappropriate here. Because this douchenozzle decided to run down one of the most beautiful women I've ever seen, I'm going to repost her now that she's back in full effect. When Britt was "injured" (the extent of her injuries she was kept in a hospital with a friggin HUGE scar on her head.....but like any good piece of silly puddy, she bounced right back to her old form. Let's hear what Britt's up to now.
work: UBS financial Services. yea im awesome.

hobbies: anything outside! hiking, fishing, tennis, golf.... mini-golf that is haha

I try anything.... yes anything once. Well, besides sky diving. I will never do that!! I always wanted to eat chocolate covered bugs. It's apparently a delicacy in other countries.
I am truly unique because I see what you have inside, not on the outside. I am passionate about what I do.

Yeah, bitch! I hope homeboy is sitting at his computer with a box of Kleenex....crying his eyes out at what a douche he is. Look what you gave up, brother! I hope his current fat girlfriend takes a long enough break from eating her bon-bons to read this and realize what a hottie she's following. I seriously think Britt is gorgeous. Beautiful smile, killer body, and she looks good with long or short a real life Natalie Portman! Take Britt's advice cause if there's ever a hottie on this site you should's this one.
Tip of the Day
Q: What are the top 3 qualities you look for in a homey? Straight Cash? Porn music noises? Or a top notch Gangster Lean?
A: 3 top qualities I find in a man:

1. Humor: you need to make me laugh because I like to be goofy and have fun!

2. Smarts: I enjoy actually having a conversation with a guy that doesn't consist of "yo yo yo" "homegirl" or "bow chica bow wow". Ok the last one I wouldn't mind! haha

3. Daring: Now, I'm not suggesting a guy go streaking, but that would be awesome. I'm just suggesting a guy to not be afraid to show your inner child. Watch freaking cartoons, eat mac n cheese! DO THE WAVE IN PUBLIC! I will marry that guy! haha :)

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Thursday, November 20, 2008

This Hottie Isn't Your Normal Soprano


Lately, we've been aiming to bring you some real quality hotties. I'm talking smart, gorgeous, and accomplished hotties. Hotties who aren't really like us. They aren't concerned with dick jokes, but they still have a sense of humor. They don't go out and get trashed, but they still know how to be the life of the party. Today, we hit the lottery. Jocelyn is incredibly beautiful with eyes that can burn a hole in you. This is wifey material, pimp. Take notes. Jocelyn, give em a little somethin to wet these fellas whistles.

Mon nom est: Jocelyn

J'habite en: The Philadelphia Metro Area

Occupation: Student and CSR for TD Bank

I am adventurous, caring and bright. I love to party, learn about different cultures, art, and I enjoy intelligent conversations. I am an opera singer. I am a Soprano and Mezzo Soprano. I play violin for a Quartet at Rutgers and participate in Madrigals. I am exotic. My mother is 100% Peruvian, my father is Puerto Rican of Spanish, German- Israeli, Ukrainian descent. The only reason why I bother mentioning all is because of the different traditions that have been embraced and passed down from generation to generation. I did not really know about my culture until I looked into the origin of some of the traditions and the different foreign platters that are prepared by different family members. Anthropology is really interesting to me and I thought about taking it up in college, but I always wanted to be a lawyer and I love music. I like learning different languages. I am currently working on French. I speak Spanish and Italian and obviously English. I am also interested in Politics and I love hearing about different perspectives on mediating issues among different countries.

I could have gone to many of the schools I applied to, but each one was missing the Philadelphia flair. The school I did want to go to was a little beyond my reach at the time. I assumed that I was bright enough to excel in UPenn, but they thought otherwise. I got into UMASS in Amherst and was convinced I was going to go despite the cost. My financial situation was not necessarily what kept me in the metro area, but the thought of going to a totally different place where I knew no one was the reality check I had when I walked through that immense campus. It was beautiful yes, but I felt homesick. I would not be able to walk around the art museum let alone party at local clubs where the doors were open to me because of the people I knew and who they might be. I stayed. I remained on a campus where I felt embraced. Rutgers- Camden. Why you ask, its the thought of knowing I could still run over the Ben Franklin bridge and run back within an hour admiring the water as it glistens in the sun. It is a research university where whatever is intriguing to you will be a research topic they will acknowledge. It is that I could just walk over the bridge to Philadelphia and be in another world and find everything and anything that catches my eye. It is the open mindedness of the Philadelphia area that is unique. From its history to now it truly is a remarkable embracement of American culture and truly the place where it began. The cultures and traditions the colorful ethnicity's that compose this city are unique. Its debonair flair is attractive to all who like to taste fine wine in chic restaurants and spend a glamorous evening at an event in the Art Museum. The sports, the spirit, and that passion this city has are captivating. I love Philadelphia. It's great. It’s truly exciting.

Woooooow, theres so much to talk about! I'm not even gonna try. I was completely caught off guard. I mean, you never really know what response your going to get, but something about this response was so sexy. It's like crazy confident, yet cool. She knows herself, and I'm sure most of us would like to get to know her too. I'm just awestruck Accomplished violinist, brilliant mind, beautiful smile. This is why we do this site. JOCELYN is the type of girl I want to learn how to talk to. So here you go, fella. Take the advice...

Tip of the Day

Q: What can a guy do on a first date to impress you?

A: On a first date, a girl loves to here about you and loves to engage in conversation. Be genuine and speak whatever is on your mind. Never let awkward silence occur, and if it does, ask about your date. Maybe she has something to say that can lead into an excellent conversation. Guys you should always listen. Girls love to clue you in on helpful insight on how to make them happy. Be honest. Make her smile. Laughter is definitely the best way to break the ice. I personally love funny and witty guys.
Sophistication is sexy no matter what style you are influenced to convey.

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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

"CrabCakes And Football...That's What Maryland Does!"...They Forgot To Add "Poorly"


Welp, the World series high is officially over for me, and it feels like I've been kicked in the nuts by the rest of the Philly Sports teams. Eagles don't really know how to play their own game, Sixers have an 80 million dollar player prima donna who can't figure out how to play with our new 80 million dollar post man. And the Flyers...god knows what they are doing. I don;t even pay attention to hockey anymore. Today we've got the freshly turned 21 Colleen. Colleen currently lives in Salisbury, Maryland (Love their steaks! Same place right?) cause its where she goes to school. But every summer and winter break you can catch her flaunting her shit in Philly. Now it'll just legally be at the bar. Let's see what this cutie has to say for herself!

I'm a junior at Salisbury University in Maryland about 30 miles outside of Ocean City. I'm majoring in Public Relations. I work at Phillip's Crab House in Ocean City, Maryland when it's open from May-October to help pay for school. I just turned 21 last Tuesday (11/11 baby!). I'm a huge party girl, and I love to go out. I was a pitcher for my high school softball team and we were South Jersey Group 2 champions my senior year in 2006. I'm a small town girl and I hate all the drama that goes along with it. I've got a couple of haters and I've heard some of the craziest rumors about me before. All I can do is laugh it off, it doesn't really effect me anymore. I love love love watching sports...especially all the Philly teams! Baseball is my favorite and I'm in love with Shane Victorino. I'm planning on auditioning for the Real World next year. I'm kind of addicted to watching reality shows. I'm very independent and can take care of myself. I definitely miss Philly when I'm away at school and there are definitely times when I crave a genuine Philly's just not the same around here in Maryland! I'm a huge girly girl and it is very rare that anyone will ever see me without makeup or not dressed up! I just love to party and have fun and I don't really have time for any drama between school and partying haha. I think I'm a fun, confident, genuinely nice girl...but I won't put up with anyone's bullshit and I always stand up for myself. I'm not fake, you will know if I don't like you. But I give everyone a chance and I like everyone until they give me a reason not to.

Drama free and a Phils fan....sign me up.

Tip of the Day

Q: Colleen, what are your top 3 traits you look for in guys? Is it the Size of their "Sack Lodge" (get it? Like a play on the wedding crashers thing?)

A: I think the 3 most important traits that I look for in a guy are trustworthiness, ambitiousness, and caring. Nobody wants to be with a guy that they can't trust. There's no point in lying because you are most likely going to get caught at some point! I'm from a small town so I know that the truth always comes out eventually!! So guys don't think that you can get away with everything, because at some point you WILL get caught. It's important for a guy to be ambitious and actually want to make something with his life. You don't necessarily have to be college-educated to do something with your life, so if that applies to you, don't let it stop you! Everybody has to start somewhere. I don't want a guy who is lazy and doesn't make the most out of his abilities. I'm going somewhere in my life and I want a guy who can say the same. It's also really important for guys to be caring! Show your girl that you actually appreciate them. This doesn't necessarily mean that you have to spend ridiculous amounts of money on them. Trust me, even a compliment can go a long long as it is sincere!

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Monday, November 17, 2008

She Thinks My Tractor's Sexy...It's Really Turns Her On


So we get this email on Friday....the norm...I wanna be on Philly Hotties, my friend thinks I'd be good for it yadda yadda. It's got pictures attached, so I'm like, "all right, let's see what happens" Now, let me explain that the emails we normally get are from husbands who are trying to surprise their wives and want us to put them up with no permission from the wife. Or it's a guy who has a crush on his local bartender and hopes to make her mildly famous for a day. I open all these emails with reluctance, somehow wondering what could be the issue with this one. When I opened Jenna's pictures, my jaw dropped. This girl is smokin hot. Easily a 9. Like so hot, I'd marry her right now and change my whole lifestyle as to not piss her off. So now I'm interested enough to read the email, and I find, this girl has a bright future too! I think we've hit the user submitted email right on the head. Hollllly crap this girl is hot. Stunning. Brunettes do it for me. And she's a dreamer. So let's see what this little Bensalem hottie has to say for herself....

i danced for 17 years at a local studio mostly ballet. im currently attending the art institute of philadelphia for fashion merchandising and visual marketing. Ive been single...well forever! but im convincing myself that im not a mutant im just waiting for the right guy! i put hot sauce on almost everything! and nothinggg is too spicy for me! i love to bake! i make the best cakes! i hope to one day open my own dress boutique, bakery and flower shop! I am working as a nanny right now its in interesting job never a boring day with twin 2 yr olds to chase around. the cheese cake factory is my favorite restaurant...but i dont think ive ever even had the cheesecake!i love getting dressed up and going out but sometimes i want my victorias secret sweatpants and a will ferrell movie! country music is my favorite and kenny chesney is the love of my life =)

Whoa..there's a lot going on here. And it's all wrapped up in the beautiful package. Did Christmas come early? I don't know what I like more about Jenna. The brains, beauty, or the future ahead of her. Ok, I know what I like best and it's all visual. I'm a guy, we're visual creatures. But she stole my heart when she said she loves country music. It's like the perfect ending to my redneck fantasy. Imagine the first date, we can go tractor riding, shoot guns, and drink Pabst blue ribbon! Whoever said dreams can't come true never met his hottie and my redneck family. She's also a dancer....which bodes well for the future. Specifically...she's always gonna have a slammin figure. Plop on top that gorgeous face, and we're in hottie heaven. Emails have become that much more fun! And she's single....which I'm sure all of us are more than willing to help her out with. Right, fella? So hop on the old John Deere, grab your sweetest set of cowboy boots, and you too can try to impress this hottie. She's absolutely stunning.

Tip of the Day

Q: Jenna, Describe ur dream first date for us. Where is it. What do u do, how does the guy act etc...

A: well first of all..the guy would pick me up! i dont know whats with guys asking u to meet them all of the sudden i know gas prices are still a little high but come on! then we would go somewhere where you can actually talk and get to know eachother, not the movies guys! save that for the 3rd date! i think dinner is the perfect first date..somewhere different though, not your local applebees. i love italian food so maybe somewhere around the italian market! then maybe walk around the city afterwards. On the first date i would hope the guy would be outgoing but still polite and being himself!!! im obviously interested if i agreed to go out with you, dont act like someone else! and not nervous! or at least hide it so i dont feel uncomfortable! and door opening is a must and that should last wayyy past the first date! most importantly try to keep conversation going so i dont feel like im yapping ur ear off just to avoid an awkward silence! and most importantly dont text or call me as soon as u get home! make me think about u a little all girls will agree that theyll be more interested if the guy isnt overly eager! and if in 3 days you are still thinking about me send me some flowers! cala lillies please =)

I imagine a dinner date with Jenna would go like this : ME: "ummmmm, wow, hmm ok. Your pretty. Teehee" Jenna: "Seeya, freakshow" Me: "ok byeee"

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Saturday, November 15, 2008

Atomic Bombshell's Anatomically Correct Dating Advice

Myspace.. The new nightclub for singles??? Or an excuse to behave badly?

The endless emails that my girlfriends and I, get on myspace from guys fishing the internet for women! I truly believe that I have heard it ALL! I get it, with a name like "Atomic Bombshell," a pretty photo, I'm just asking to be picked up on, right? If that's what you think, you are dead wrong. Shame on you for not taking the time to read my profile. Guys on myspace have become outrageous with the content of their emails. I'm not saying you can't find someone to date from myspace, if that's what two people are looking for. I'm simply saying that people use their myspace/facebook, as a tool to re-create themselves. Some people behave in ways that they would not,in a real life meeting. It's like being stuck at a nightclub with the guy who keeps trying to dance with you from across the room and send you drinks. UNWANTED. You know when you are out on a Saturday night, trying to pick up girls, you are not being the "real you." You may have some liquid courage and an attitude like "I'm taking chances because I am never going to see this person again." So you might talk to someone that you normally wouldn't. Or 5 someone's that you would not normally talk too. Perfect example;
The movie Singles-
David Bailey: Tonight I'll be the super me. Steve Dunne: What if the super you meets the super her and the super her rejects the super you? David Bailey: Then it's no problem. Steve Dunne: Uh-huh. Why? David Bailey: Because it was never you, it was just an act.

It seems that men have applied a similar logic to myspace. The difference is that it can be so extreme, that it's creepy! They have these alter-ego profiles with half naked women in their top friends. Even if they don't really intend to meet anyone, what if they are married or in serious relationships? They are on myspace to fulfill some sexual ego that is not being met

There are plenty of ways to get to know someone. THINK BEFORE YOU MYSPACE.
There are other people at the end of those emails who get really offended by the presumptions you make, about who they are and why they are there.


Do you have questions or comments about sex or dating? I want to hear all about it. Email me at

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Thursday, November 13, 2008

We Are The Champions....Of The World

Justine: Phillies Ballgirl

Let me preface this by saying that Justine has already been one of our lovely Philly Hotties, but when the opportunity to get her point of view on the World series came up, I had to jump at it. I mean, I'm still on this emotional high from being at the game. It's the coolest moment I've ever been witness to. Plus Justine got to be in the parade!!! How many people can say that??? This 20 year old from Bucks County is living the dream, and was kind enough to take us a long for the ride. Besides being a hottie, Justine was a ballgirl for the Phils this year, and I had to know...what was the parade like...what was the World Series like...Justine happened to be working Game 5 (both parts), so she gave us a little insight on what it was like being on ground level for the greatest moment in Philly Sports history in 25 years. Without further ado, here is our inside access to the Phillies Championship. Take it away, Justine!

Hey Philly, I am Justine and a 2nd year Phillies Ballgirl. I was fortunate enough to be the on field ballgirl for game 5 (and game 5 1/2 ha) of the World Series, and can hands down say it was one of the most memorable moments of my entire life. After working during the first half of game 5, I was just happy that there wasn't a rain drop in the sky. Although it was still a ripe 30 degrees my adrenaline was taking over and giving me the warmth that I needed. Being on the field during those last 3 crucial innings was beyond nerve racking. My heart was pounding out of my chest and the crowd was beyond loud. The sea of white rally towels left me with long lasting chills, and when the last strike was thrown I threw my hands in the air and started celebrating with the fans in the seats next to me. When the last batter came to the plate my eyes filled with tears in anticipation of what could possibly be to come. The Philadelphia Phillies, World Series Champions...are you serious??? I can't believe that I can tell my friends and family years to come that I was on the field that October day when the 2008 Phillies took home the first championship this city has seen in 25 years. After the initial night of celebrating, we all knew it wasn't over. This city had a parade to experience down Broad Street. I was so incredibly lucky and got to be on float #1 along with the veteran ballgirls, broadcasters such as Harry Kalas, Wheels, Larry Anderson, Scott Franske, The Sarge, and of course your favorite mascot the Phillie Phanatic. That parade was one of the single most surreal moments of my entire life. It sounds so cheesy but it honestly was a picture straight out of a movie. Non stop cheers, an endless sea of red, confetti filling the air, and the sweet feeling of victory filled the streets of south Philadelphia. The very first time "We are the Champions" played and the crowd sang along brought tears to my eyes because I just looked around and thought of how lucky I was to be apart of such an incredible event in Philadelphia's history. Working for the Phillies these past two years have left me with memories that I will never ever forget. I have experienced some of the most incredible things that I will hold with me forever. But one of the favorite parts of my job is getting to hang out with you, the fans. Every game you show us why you are the best fans in sports. This city deserved a championship this big. So take the time to soak it all in and enjoy. Just think...we could always do this again next year! GO PHILS!

I'd also like to minute to thank Michele, the Ball Girls director. She was more than generous with us this year in allowing the Ballgirls to be on our site. This is a little bit of a different realm than they are used to being on, and I promised I'd keep it PG for them. Many of these girls have day jobs, or are students, so we had to be careful how we promoted them. Michele really went out of her way, and gave us some ridiculous access to one of the greatest moments of our lives. Thanks, Michele. And I look forward to hopefully working with you ladies next year.

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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

You Ain't Got Nothing on Me

Brea Ferrar

Boy, do we have treat for you today. She is making my job very easy. She has the looks...she has the talent...and she's going places. So, take a number fellas because the line's around the block. Take it away Brea.

Name: Brea Ferrar
Age: 22
Location: South Jersey/Philadelphia area
Occupation: Recording Artist, Singer, Songwriter, Model
Website: www. breaferrar. com

My Little Story: I'm currently signed to a production deal with a company called NoizeTrip, based out of Philadelphia. We've been recording since June, and with the help of our management team, we just started shopping out to record labels in NYC and LA!!! My music is a combination of pop, club, hip-hop, and big beats! My style is based somewhat on a James Bond girl -- alluring and sexy, but not in an overly-done way (aka not showing too much skin!!). With that, we also strive for our song lyrics to be deeper than they appear! So for instance, my new song, "Love Roulette," which is now up on my website, talks about "playing games and gambling with your heart," and it's also about not being scared to take a risk, learning to take a chance on love, and trying your luck with life.

Here's some BIO stuff:

Breá is most recognized as the winner of “American Dreamz,” a national singing competition sponsored by Universal Music and America On-Line, and based on the BlockBuster movie hit of the same name. Upon winning, Breá was flown to Hollywood, CA, featured on FOX 29 News, and also interviewed on FOXs live morning show, "Good Day Philadelphia." While in Los Angeles, Breá made a VIP guest appearance at Universal Studios for the red-carpet movie premiere of "You, Me, and Dupree" (starring Owen Wilson, Kate Hudson, and Matt Dillon) at the ArcLight Cinema in LA.

Breá recently sang the National Anthem for a sold-out crowd of over 45,000 people at a Philadelphia Phillies-Boston Red Sox game.

In addition, Breá was dubbed "Top Female Vocalist" after competing in a Walt Disney World talent contest, performing one of her favorite cover songs, Mariah Carey’s "Vision of Love."

Furthermore, Breá sang on August 3rd at the National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences banquet at Citizens Bank Park in Philadelphia for the local Emmy Award nominations and was also the featured vocalist at the black-tie Mid-Atlantic Emmy Awards ballroom ceremony on September 9th.

Lets put it this way... you got NOTHING on this hottie!

Tip of the Day

Q: What are three qualities you look for in a guy?

A: 3 qualities I look for in a guy: Someone with an athletic body (but not a meathead jock, just the sporty type!!), someone I can trust and rely on, and someone who appreciates the little things!!! Oh, and he has to have good teeth, too!! haha

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Tuesday, November 11, 2008


Blonde or brunette...blonde or brunette...blonde or brunette...I struggle with this question on a daily basis. It's my own personal e=mc squared. It's something I don't think I'll eve have an answer to on which I prefer....blonde or brunette. See? I'm struggling right now with it. But what happens when you find a hottie who can pull off both? And look good doing both? I'd have to say problem solved. Smashley, I'm assuming we've got a creative play on Ashley, looks smokin hot as a brunette OR as a blonde. This 22 year old Bensalem hottie definitely looks like she knows how to have a good time, and doesn't mind being the life of the party. A little goofiness plus a little hotness goes a long way. Let's see what this family oriented hottie has to say...
i work for an internet company full time and i love it. My two little brothers mean the world to me. My nails are always done and i spend money like its my job. im pretty high maintenance but i can have fun doing pretty much anything. I go out to the bar every thursday night. i don't care what people think of me and i avoid drama at all costs. Im very blunt and I tell it how it is.
So don't cross her family or she might kill you. This hottie is also a firm believer in fate, hence the tattoo on her lower back that spells out.....FATE. I don't know how much I believe in fate, but it's possible that Smashley could sway my opinion on anything. All she'd have to do is flash one of those smiles and I'm sold. Soooo to recap, full time job, a little high maintenence (Men don't care about high maintenance as long as you can afford your own shit), and absolutely stunning girl next door appearance. I'm sold...where can I sign up for this fate thingy, and how the hell can I win over a hottie like this? I also can't dismiss the obvious here....Smashley has fantastic boobs. Incredible really. Oh, and sometime she doesn't really like to wear pants apparently.

Tip of the Day

Q: What are three qualities you look for in a guy?

A: im very picky when it comes to guys. first impressions mean everything. The first thing that attracts me to guys is usually the way they dress. Eyes, smile, and good teeth are necessary and i like a guy who works out and keeps in shape.

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Monday, November 10, 2008

Rock The Cradle Of Loooove

Jennifer Marie

L-Town Whaddup! Look at this hottie we've got today, boy. I'm officially in love with this hottie. If I were a sculptor, I'd start with Jennifer Marie as my basic outline. She's effin gorgeous. Look at the smile, the yes, the legs. Great hair, too! (I never thought hair was important until I dated a girl with shitty shitty hair) This 21 year old hottie comes to us from Levittown, and she is currently a student at the University of Minnesota attempting to obtain a bachelors in Psychology. Not only is she wicked smaht, but she's also a part time model for Abercrombie and Fitch, so you can usually catch her loungin around in her A&F sweats. Once she graduates and gets a "real job" she hopes to be apart time flight attendant so she can fulfill her dream of traveling the world. This hottie's big into rave music and can also play the guitar. The only thing she can't do is knit. And that's just an assumption. She might be crazy skilled with the yarn for all I know. What caught my eye about this pierced up hottie is not only her looks, but her answer to our question of the best dating advice she could give. She completely caught me off guard with her answer, yet it might be one of the best pieces of advice we've ever received. So let's see what Jennifer Marie and her pearly white smile have to tell us about dating in Philly.

Tip of the Day
Q: JM, what's your very best piece of dating advice for all us Philly freakshows?
A: Well to be perfectly honest. I don't think there is such a thing as "dating advice." It's more along the lines of just being yourself. I could give a ton of advice as to what I would like in a guy and so on and so forth, but really when it all comes down to it.. like I said above it's just being genuine and down to earth. A guy can follow these tips in the blog all he wants, but is that who he really is? or is that the role he is going to play to get a little action? That is what men need to question themselves. Is this who I really am or is this someone I'm going to pretend to be for the night. I feel like this.. eventually in a relationship the chameleon will come out sooner or later, so why not just be yourself from the get go. There isn't many true people out there in today's society let alone good men and when you find one he's definitely a keeper ; ) I've lived all over and the grass has never been greener on the other side, true story. But yes to some it up that is how I feel on that subject. I hope I helped you out.

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