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Wednesday, November 5, 2008



Well, our nations got its first black (African-American, ummm whatever other politically correct term I missed so I don't offend anyone) president, and I could say that from a racial standpoint, WHAT THE F...just kidding. I'm not too concerned with Obama's race as much as I'm concerned with him living up to his word of creating a nation of change. He's obviously qualified to do the job, now he's just gotta live up to his word, as does any politician. Enough politics talk, I touched on our huge change but I'm onto the point of our site. When we asked Shakia to be our hottie of the day, she responded back

I'll answer your questions if you answer one for me: What is your definition of a 'Philly Hottie'???

Shit, what? She called me out, so I sat back on my ride home from work, and was forced to evaluate what I think a Philly Hottie really it just the hottest girl with the least clothing? No, it goes a little deeper than that. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so physically, a hottie can be anything to anyone, but what is it about the personality and make up of a woman that could make her a Philly hottie. I came up with this:

A Philly Hottie is a woman who is not only physically attractive, but mentally stimulating. She's a woman who just as comfortable at a dive bar as she is at a black tie event at the Constitution Center. She's intelligent and driven. For me, the hottest thing about a woman is her drive. Where does she want to be, and what is she doing to get there? We want smart, attractive women who buck the status quo, and can stimulate men physically and mentally. I guess that really we want that Independent woman who can be confident in herself and comfortable with us. In short, a woman who thinks she can change the world and look good doing it.

And we found one...Shakia is definitely a unique hottie. She fits these our description perfectly. She's politically aware, well versed, and accomplished author, a mother, and gorgeous. she's got that Jill Scott/Lauryn Hill neo-soul type look to her. She's got style, grace, and a touch of class. but let's here it from Shakia as to why she's a Philly Hottie.

Well, since there's so much to me, I'll try to be short and summarize:
-I work full-time
-I go to school full-time in the evenings at Temple University majoring in Human Resource Management
-I'm the proud mother of 2 sons (my 17 year-old is about to graduate 12th grade and go to college and my 9 year-old is class president of his 4th grade class)
-I'm the author of a book of poetry entitled "Pink Skies"
-When I get free time, I like to spend time with my big family, write and travel. I love art in any form (poetry, art, music, fashion, etc.)

Wow....and I thought I was busy. Beauty and brains don't mix together like this too often, so let's hear what it takes to impress a Philly Hottie.

Tip of the Day

Q: What are the 3 characteristics you look for in a Philly guy?

A: As far as the 'man' question, if I was looking, it would be hard to narrow it down to 3 characteristics but I would say:

1. Driven/Determined - Always have some kind of goal and be working toward something; trying to better himself and stay focused; but still have time to be thoughtful and considerate where I'm concerned.
2. Swagga - A certain confidence and sex appeal; but not a cocky 'ego-maniac'
3. Honesty - Always be straight up. I can't stand liars, game-players and B.S.'ers