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Monday, November 24, 2008

The Roxx Is In The Building!

Crystal Roxx

Wow, so much for my Phillies Championship high. Any remnants of it was completely erased by what can simply be described as the "What The Hell Just Happened" Eagles game yesterday. But quit the panicking and saying McNabbs done and this and that. It's similar to a starting pitcher....Hamels gets pulled early sometimes too! Sometimes it's just not working and benching McNabb might light that fire back up under his ass. So let's stop with the Kolb for President campaign. Today, we're bringing you the lovely and semi-crazy Crystal Roxx. She's part blonde haired bombshell, part gangsta (what! what!) and allll hottie. Not only is Crystal hot but she's got a halfcrazy personality that guaranteed to always keep you on your toes. Crystals been a Coor Light promo girl, so odds are you've seen her galloping all over Philly representing the Coors Light brand. Just hopefully you're a real man, and you aren't drinking that piss. I've gotten drunker off NyQuil than off Coors Light. What I like about Ms. Roxx the most is that bubbly spontaneous personality I previously mentioned. She's always going to keep you entertained, or constantly get your ass kicked, but it's gotta be fun going out knowing, "Shit, something could go horribly wrong tonite with this girl around."

Crystal enjoys Reality Tv, Tanning, working out, Reading books and hanging out with good friends. And her friends are hot.....and then there's also some big dudes she hangs out with, who I'm sure can fight cause I think Ms. Roxx has nooooo problem starting some shit. She really is hot though. Let's not get away from that. Flat stomach, great asspiece, and a gorgeous smile. Crystal can easily change me to a blonde man, plus read her advice...she even gave some for the ladies.

Tip of the Day

Q: Crystal tell us a little bit about what you look for in a guy, and give these ladies a little piece of advice to while your at it, eh?

A:Dating tips, just be yourself. Guys love that, and a girl who can be silly classy and just hang with the guys at the same time!

What I look for in a male is a great sense of humor, great smile, nice butt and can hold a great conversation I also love a Driven man with goals that he strives to succeed in.