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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

"CrabCakes And Football...That's What Maryland Does!"...They Forgot To Add "Poorly"


Welp, the World series high is officially over for me, and it feels like I've been kicked in the nuts by the rest of the Philly Sports teams. Eagles don't really know how to play their own game, Sixers have an 80 million dollar player prima donna who can't figure out how to play with our new 80 million dollar post man. And the Flyers...god knows what they are doing. I don;t even pay attention to hockey anymore. Today we've got the freshly turned 21 Colleen. Colleen currently lives in Salisbury, Maryland (Love their steaks! Same place right?) cause its where she goes to school. But every summer and winter break you can catch her flaunting her shit in Philly. Now it'll just legally be at the bar. Let's see what this cutie has to say for herself!

I'm a junior at Salisbury University in Maryland about 30 miles outside of Ocean City. I'm majoring in Public Relations. I work at Phillip's Crab House in Ocean City, Maryland when it's open from May-October to help pay for school. I just turned 21 last Tuesday (11/11 baby!). I'm a huge party girl, and I love to go out. I was a pitcher for my high school softball team and we were South Jersey Group 2 champions my senior year in 2006. I'm a small town girl and I hate all the drama that goes along with it. I've got a couple of haters and I've heard some of the craziest rumors about me before. All I can do is laugh it off, it doesn't really effect me anymore. I love love love watching sports...especially all the Philly teams! Baseball is my favorite and I'm in love with Shane Victorino. I'm planning on auditioning for the Real World next year. I'm kind of addicted to watching reality shows. I'm very independent and can take care of myself. I definitely miss Philly when I'm away at school and there are definitely times when I crave a genuine Philly's just not the same around here in Maryland! I'm a huge girly girl and it is very rare that anyone will ever see me without makeup or not dressed up! I just love to party and have fun and I don't really have time for any drama between school and partying haha. I think I'm a fun, confident, genuinely nice girl...but I won't put up with anyone's bullshit and I always stand up for myself. I'm not fake, you will know if I don't like you. But I give everyone a chance and I like everyone until they give me a reason not to.

Drama free and a Phils fan....sign me up.

Tip of the Day

Q: Colleen, what are your top 3 traits you look for in guys? Is it the Size of their "Sack Lodge" (get it? Like a play on the wedding crashers thing?)

A: I think the 3 most important traits that I look for in a guy are trustworthiness, ambitiousness, and caring. Nobody wants to be with a guy that they can't trust. There's no point in lying because you are most likely going to get caught at some point! I'm from a small town so I know that the truth always comes out eventually!! So guys don't think that you can get away with everything, because at some point you WILL get caught. It's important for a guy to be ambitious and actually want to make something with his life. You don't necessarily have to be college-educated to do something with your life, so if that applies to you, don't let it stop you! Everybody has to start somewhere. I don't want a guy who is lazy and doesn't make the most out of his abilities. I'm going somewhere in my life and I want a guy who can say the same. It's also really important for guys to be caring! Show your girl that you actually appreciate them. This doesn't necessarily mean that you have to spend ridiculous amounts of money on them. Trust me, even a compliment can go a long long as it is sincere!