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Thursday, November 13, 2008

We Are The Champions....Of The World

Justine: Phillies Ballgirl

Let me preface this by saying that Justine has already been one of our lovely Philly Hotties, but when the opportunity to get her point of view on the World series came up, I had to jump at it. I mean, I'm still on this emotional high from being at the game. It's the coolest moment I've ever been witness to. Plus Justine got to be in the parade!!! How many people can say that??? This 20 year old from Bucks County is living the dream, and was kind enough to take us a long for the ride. Besides being a hottie, Justine was a ballgirl for the Phils this year, and I had to know...what was the parade like...what was the World Series like...Justine happened to be working Game 5 (both parts), so she gave us a little insight on what it was like being on ground level for the greatest moment in Philly Sports history in 25 years. Without further ado, here is our inside access to the Phillies Championship. Take it away, Justine!

Hey Philly, I am Justine and a 2nd year Phillies Ballgirl. I was fortunate enough to be the on field ballgirl for game 5 (and game 5 1/2 ha) of the World Series, and can hands down say it was one of the most memorable moments of my entire life. After working during the first half of game 5, I was just happy that there wasn't a rain drop in the sky. Although it was still a ripe 30 degrees my adrenaline was taking over and giving me the warmth that I needed. Being on the field during those last 3 crucial innings was beyond nerve racking. My heart was pounding out of my chest and the crowd was beyond loud. The sea of white rally towels left me with long lasting chills, and when the last strike was thrown I threw my hands in the air and started celebrating with the fans in the seats next to me. When the last batter came to the plate my eyes filled with tears in anticipation of what could possibly be to come. The Philadelphia Phillies, World Series Champions...are you serious??? I can't believe that I can tell my friends and family years to come that I was on the field that October day when the 2008 Phillies took home the first championship this city has seen in 25 years. After the initial night of celebrating, we all knew it wasn't over. This city had a parade to experience down Broad Street. I was so incredibly lucky and got to be on float #1 along with the veteran ballgirls, broadcasters such as Harry Kalas, Wheels, Larry Anderson, Scott Franske, The Sarge, and of course your favorite mascot the Phillie Phanatic. That parade was one of the single most surreal moments of my entire life. It sounds so cheesy but it honestly was a picture straight out of a movie. Non stop cheers, an endless sea of red, confetti filling the air, and the sweet feeling of victory filled the streets of south Philadelphia. The very first time "We are the Champions" played and the crowd sang along brought tears to my eyes because I just looked around and thought of how lucky I was to be apart of such an incredible event in Philadelphia's history. Working for the Phillies these past two years have left me with memories that I will never ever forget. I have experienced some of the most incredible things that I will hold with me forever. But one of the favorite parts of my job is getting to hang out with you, the fans. Every game you show us why you are the best fans in sports. This city deserved a championship this big. So take the time to soak it all in and enjoy. Just think...we could always do this again next year! GO PHILS!

I'd also like to minute to thank Michele, the Ball Girls director. She was more than generous with us this year in allowing the Ballgirls to be on our site. This is a little bit of a different realm than they are used to being on, and I promised I'd keep it PG for them. Many of these girls have day jobs, or are students, so we had to be careful how we promoted them. Michele really went out of her way, and gave us some ridiculous access to one of the greatest moments of our lives. Thanks, Michele. And I look forward to hopefully working with you ladies next year.