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Friday, November 21, 2008

Yo, Yo, Yo HomeGirl, Bow Chicka Wow Wow, Whaddup Shorty?

The Bitch Is Back

This is our first ever repeating hottie. We've had the goal of NEVER repeating a hottie, but sometimes beauty and personality transcends so far off the interwebs, that it's just necessary to bring a hottie back. There's also another special reason I brought Britt back. Here's Britt's original post (REAL LINK TO HER FIRST POST), and you may remember her as the hottie who's boyfriend ran her down with his car and put her fine ass in the hospital. Now there's always the old joke, "you read in the papers that so and so was arrested for hitting a woman, but it never explains what SHE did", and I think it's entirely inappropriate here. Because this douchenozzle decided to run down one of the most beautiful women I've ever seen, I'm going to repost her now that she's back in full effect. When Britt was "injured" (the extent of her injuries she was kept in a hospital with a friggin HUGE scar on her head.....but like any good piece of silly puddy, she bounced right back to her old form. Let's hear what Britt's up to now.
work: UBS financial Services. yea im awesome.

hobbies: anything outside! hiking, fishing, tennis, golf.... mini-golf that is haha

I try anything.... yes anything once. Well, besides sky diving. I will never do that!! I always wanted to eat chocolate covered bugs. It's apparently a delicacy in other countries.
I am truly unique because I see what you have inside, not on the outside. I am passionate about what I do.

Yeah, bitch! I hope homeboy is sitting at his computer with a box of Kleenex....crying his eyes out at what a douche he is. Look what you gave up, brother! I hope his current fat girlfriend takes a long enough break from eating her bon-bons to read this and realize what a hottie she's following. I seriously think Britt is gorgeous. Beautiful smile, killer body, and she looks good with long or short a real life Natalie Portman! Take Britt's advice cause if there's ever a hottie on this site you should's this one.
Tip of the Day
Q: What are the top 3 qualities you look for in a homey? Straight Cash? Porn music noises? Or a top notch Gangster Lean?
A: 3 top qualities I find in a man:

1. Humor: you need to make me laugh because I like to be goofy and have fun!

2. Smarts: I enjoy actually having a conversation with a guy that doesn't consist of "yo yo yo" "homegirl" or "bow chica bow wow". Ok the last one I wouldn't mind! haha

3. Daring: Now, I'm not suggesting a guy go streaking, but that would be awesome. I'm just suggesting a guy to not be afraid to show your inner child. Watch freaking cartoons, eat mac n cheese! DO THE WAVE IN PUBLIC! I will marry that guy! haha :)