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Monday, February 25, 2008

Hottie, Let's Go Get Some Bar-B-Q and Get Busy


Yeaaaaah Boyyyeeee! See, certain things should not be picked up by pop culture and used in real life. Especially in Philly, where we have a habit of borrowing from movies about this fine city. Rocky...ok that's the ONLY one you can steal from. But only two lines "YO, Adrian!", and "Take her to the zoo, Rock. I hear retards like the zoo", and of course, you can run the steps. But you don't see me going all Tom Hanks and walking around the streets like a dying AIDS patient, so there's gotta be a line somewhere. Now that being said, the lovely Britt comes to us from Jersey, and is 21 years old. Gorgeous face and gorgeous smile, you may recognize her from our Valentines Day post. She was the one who's boyfriend ran her down with a car. Somewhere in heaven, or hell, Ike Turner just shed a tear. He's no longer the bad guy. She can also be found hitting up the gym, or enjoying a good book. Finally, a hottie who can read. Jk, but there are a few others who are questionable. Thank Britt, because she draws the line for us as to where we can stop turning entertainment into real life. It's the Fresh Prince of Bel Air. I may agree with what she has to say about that line (read her Tip), but I'm still going to use my "let's go get some bar-b-q and get busy", courtesy of Jazzy Jeff. It's so money, and it doesn't even know it. Listen to Britt's advice, you may just end up back at her place with Bar-B-Q sauce spread all over....

Tip of the Day

Q: When your out and about (not partying at a bar), what's the best way to approach a hottie?

A: Advice should be given to guys around here because they are quite stupid. If I were to be approached by a guy, he should NOT say this, " Yo baby yo baby yo." I enjoy guys with good vocabulary and a pretty smile. It doesn't take much to impress me, but just be real. You know how you can get in my pants?? A funny man; your in haha. And us lovely ladies can tell when your undressing us with your eyes. :) Yea, not cool.

Wait really know when we're undressing you with our eyes? I'm gonna have to start goin all Nic Cage or Horatio Kane on that ass. Constant glasses. No, I couldn't do that...then I'd be a tool. Tool.