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Thursday, February 14, 2008

What's Your Worst Valentines Day Experience??


well long story short, he was mad at me because i went to the bar. we were arguing in his car, i got out to start walking away and um bam, the bitch hits me. now, im not talking about a love tap... my effin brain started bleeding and i had surgery on it. fun fun now my life has changed because that ass is insecure. thanks much but hell the doctors didnt think i was going to live and here i am :) they just had to shave my head so now im GI Jane haha i plan on getting wasted on Valentine's day hahaha i am awesome Enjoy :)

Dani M'F'in Diamonds

You want a good last serious relationship...I got outta school early on V-Day because my boyfriend was gonna pick me up at 3pm and take me out into the city for a "night on the town" ended up that I waited all night for him, dressed to the nines and all, and never heard from him...a lil before 10pm, when I was getting ready for bed (a girl can't wait forever), I get a call from his mother...he was in jail for DUI and possession of cocaine and she wanted to know if I wanted to go with her to the jail to see what she could do to bail him out...ummm, what?!? Never talked to him since...nice, huh?!

Tiela Marie

I have 2. A few years ago, my boyfriend at the time had planned a suprise valentines evening for us. Unfortunatley, I got stuck at work and had to call to delay seeing him a few hours. He became so upset he wouldn't answer his phone for hours. Finally I got ahold of him to tell him I was coming over. He freaked out because it wasn't on his time schedule... and broke up with me....on valentines day mind you. Not the best way to realize that a man isn't for you. He regretted it later, and tried to apologize but by then I was done. And then there was last year. I was dating a man who I was in love with. Smart, funny, attractive and was more than a boyfriend.. He was also my best friend. We had to do valentines day a day early because he had to work very late on wednesdays and valentines day fell on a wednesday last year. We went to breakfast had this beautiful day together, he also sent roses to my work. I was head over heels. Well, come valentines day I'm at work and receive a call from a number I didn't know. I answer it, and its my boyfriends mentally insane, large, disgusting ex girlfriend, she's calling to tell me that she is at his house right at that moment and that she is sleeping with him... oh and that she found one of my blazers at the house... how nice of her to tell me, right? HA! I called him to ask him about it... he stated that I know her mental history (which she indeed has) and that she's making it up. It just didn't sit well with me... that gut bad feeling. So I did some snooping and I came to find out that he was cheating on me with her. I went to the house to take back my stuff and he tells me she cut my gorgeous blazer in half. At that point, I finally lost it....freaked out on him and dropped his ass. Since that point last year, he's attempted to get me back with no luck.. While he hooks up with her because he's pathetic. And as for me? I realized that god didn't give me anything that I couldn't handle, I still believe in love, and that I really miss.... that blazer.