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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Hit The Stage With A B-Boy Stance, The Club on It Like Who's Hottie Is That?


Lets see I am the most out going, down to earth and fun girl you will ever meet. My guy friends think I am one of them because they can talk to me about anything, I'm not one of those prissy materialistic girls. I always start the convo and I dance when ever possible. I love corny reality TV and I am obsessed with Playboy, I'm trying to be Hef's 4th girlfriend. (ha ha) I am a blond bombshell and I definitely have blond moments but I think thats what makes me unique. Don't catch me when I'm drunk or I will talk your ear off. I think I am histerical, I'm always trying to make people laugh. I am a dare devil and love to do risque' things. I love being spontanious, if a thought pops in my head, you bet with in the next day I'll be doing it.

YES! I'd definitely let her passs as Hef's next girlfriend, she can replace Bridget...I'm a sucker for Kendra so, yes, I occassionally watch the show. Blonde or Brunette this hottie can work it. That's an added bonus. Once every few months you can have her dye her hair and its like you have a whole new girlfriend with the same cool personality. Jess works at the Hooters in Bensalem, and is just another case of my radar gone sour. I always get the waitress who should be working at the local retirement home, rather then Hooters. Jess is seriously hot. Just look at the eyes, and the smile. Judging from her myspace pics, Jess is a fun time. Looks like there's always something going on around her, and she and her girls don't mind being the center of attention as long as they are just out enjoying themselves. A live for the moment type of girl. I wish we could have girls like Jess on every single day. Beautiful, and she's currently attending college, so she must be smart too. Put this one up on a pedestal, fellas. This is the Rookie of the Year for Hotties.

Tip of the Day

Q: Besides staying in, what should a single guy do on Valentines Day?

A: I think a single guy should go out on Valentines day! Him and a couple other single buddies should hit the local hot spot because I'm sure there will be some sexy ladies there who also does not have a Valentine. Who knows if he's lucky maybe he will meet someone who went out for the same reason, hopefully sparks will fly!