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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

9-1-1 Is A Joke In Yo Town


Apparently, 911 IS a joke in my Bucks County, where each day there's a new story on mishandled calls. Glad we pay such high taxes! Now, when I think of bowling, I think of sloppy combovers, funny shoes, and overweight has-beens trying to relive some of their glory days. Alaina, this 20 year old Hottie, is here to change your mind about that. She was the number one bowler in South Jersey last year. Not only is Alaina taking on the bowling stereotype, she's also interested in becoming a History teacher. Now I certainly don't picture history teachers as hotties. What I think of is sloppy combover, funny shoes, and overweight has beens. Wow, who knew they so closely intertwined. Think about it though, if you had Alaina as a history teacher....would you pay more or less attention?? I'd probably pay less when it comes down to it. I'd like to think I'd pay more cause its a hot chick, but I know that not true. My A.D.D. would take over and I'd be completely screwed. We need more hotties to take initiative like this! Let's find the top 5 job fields that are run by overweight, sloppy combovered men, and lets have our hotties take over those fields! Life would be so much more interesting if there were hotties everywhere!

Tip of the Day

Q: When your out and about (not partying at a bar), what's the best way to approach a hottie?

A: The best way to approach me when I'm out and about is to seriously just walk right up to me and introduce yourself, just tell me about yourself and we can become friends. All good things start with a friendship