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Friday, February 22, 2008

Philly Sports Hottie Phillies Update

While you were either celebrating or drinking away Valentines Day, the Phillies' pitchers and catchers reported to Spring Training in Florida. We are currently about a month and a half away from Opening Day and the Fightin' Phils defending their title of the NL East champions. A month away from seeing heavy hitter Howard slamming balls (and by the way, partied him when i was in Tampa last month.. coolest guy ever), a month away from seeing Utley dominate second base, and a month away from the debuts of Brad Lidge, Pedro Feliz, Geoff Jenkins, So Taguchi, and maybe someone else like Kyle Lohse or Kris Benson. The World's Oldest Man Jamie Moyer is back and so is Cole Hamels, who along with Brett Myers, will be the anchors of a rotation to be filled out by baby-faced Kyle Kendrick and Adam Eaton. Pat the Bat Burrell has the majority of the city wondering if he'll step it up this year, which is the last year in his contract. I guess we'll have to wait and watch. And last but certaintly not least, were a month away from the return of #11, the one and only JRoooooooll (thats jimmy rollins for all of you guys who are girls when it comes to sports)

I'm waiting in anticipation for opening day, considering their season last year, and also the fact that i'll be able to put my dreams in the hands of a philadelphia sports team who will actually stand a chance of breaking that damn William Penn Curse.

The first month of the season features some wildly exciting series against Johan Santana and the Mets, the Rockies, the Padres, and the Cubs. Last year, the Phils came out early limp, weak and uninspired. However, something tells me that the Phils will come out strong.. after all, they dont call them the Phightin' Phils for nothing.