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Thursday, February 14, 2008

Do You Know, Or Are You, This Guy?


Lately I have come across an issue I thought was squashed at recess on the play ground in 8th grade........obvious you men still exist. Sorry to all the wonderful, loving , caring fathers, husbands, boyfriends and such out there who are nothing like the following men

Here are the few men in the world which I can not stand.They remind me of guys from high school who thought it was cool to make fun of girls

1. The guy who wants but once he has no longer wants......HE WILL ALWAYS BE EMPTY our age its time to get over the chasing game or you'll loose em all

2. The guy who tells his friends he doesn't have a girlfriend or who acts like its an embarrassment to have a girl in his life. WHAT IS WRONG WITH THESE GUYS????

3. The guy who talks shit about the women he dates when he's in public situations. THERE IS NO EXCUSE FOR THIS AND YOU DON"T LOOK should be proud of the women you date and talk them up to your friends. Not down.......its not cool and they are a reflection of you.

4. The guy who denies to himself that he is in love......there are so many people who never fall in deny yourself of that feeling is the worse possible decision.

5. The guy who lies to himself about reality. GUYS WHO ARE YOU LYING TO??? if you say the same lie over and over again to enough people do you eventually believe it?

6. The guy who thinks cheating on his current girlfriend with his ex is OK b/c its his ex.....ARE YOU F-N kidding me??? cheating is cheating

7. The guy who can not understand having sex and not catching feelings. JUST b/c we have sex with you doesn't mean you are held at any higher regard, doesn't allow you to act like and ass, and doesn't mean you can ask us for favors. Nor does it mean we wanna call you all the time, hold your hand, care about where you've been. It doesn't mean you are not able to talk shit about us to your boys and act as if we CARE about you more then we did the day before we had sex. Its may be nice to think that in your head but you know the truth.

and that my friends is my valentines day advice!