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Friday, February 29, 2008

Janita AppleBaum...You Got It Goin On

Hello Gents & Ladies!!! My name is Janita "Applebaum" Styles coming to you L-I-V-E from Center City after being born and raised in Portland , OR --shout out to the west coast! First, I would like to say thank you for even considering me for something like this as a new wife, new birth mom of a 8 month old daughter, and step mom to a four year old son at 26 years old this is pretty cool (I'm smiling now)---Thank you. This is actually more exciting then being named a 2006 Daily News "Sexy Single.”So, this site is about how to land a "hot chick"..?? Hmmm.. So let me tell you about myself and give the fellas a few tips along the way: My first passion is radio as an on-air personality. When I first moved to this awesome city I was on Wired 96.5 FM for three years. Currently, I can be heard on 100.3 The Beat every Saturday from 10am - 3pm, Sundays from 10am - 3pm, and fill-ins---so, tune-in check me out and let's talk music or Phillies baseball which leads me to my other gig! I can talk baseball not only from countless hours of watching ESPN NEWS, SPORTCENTER, and Baseball Tonight but, I'm also a 2008 Phillies Ball Girl !!! It's only the beginning but, I love everything thus far and I'm looking forward to the season opener. Go Phillies!!! This is our year!!! How to get a hot chick
Tips 1 & 2: Attend Plenty of Phillies ball games and look out for my hot Philly Ball Girl teammates… some of them are single!I love being active and in shape. I studied tae kwon do for 6 years and yes, I can probably drop kick your you know I also ran track throughout my entire life and was awarded a full scholarship to the University of Nevada . So, watch what you say because, I can track you down in no time--even after the baby--lol. Trust me my husband still can't catch me in a race--it cracks me up to see him try… poor thing..hahaha (sorry babe) Reno was a lot of fun but, Lake Tahoe was even better especially when it was time to go snowboarding!! My board has yet to touch the slopes this year. You can catch me jogging down MLK Drive , Attending a Taebo class on Bainbridge street or at the Christian street YMCA Helping our 8 month old daughter during her swimming lessons.--it's the cutest thing!! How to get a hot chick
Tip 3: Be active and stay healthy--it's a turn on to see a man take good care of himself:-) How to get a hot chick
Tip 4: Just be yourself at all times. Hey, I also have a tip for the ladies: Be balanced--meaning: it's ok to have the career but, it's also ok to have the family as well…You can do both and still be hot! Look at all of the hot mommies in Hollywood …Christina Aguilera, Jessica Alba, and Katie Holmes. You just have to make sure that you balance everything appropriately.

My other hobbies include: cooking, shopping, playing video games…I love Nintendo Wii, competing in march madness pools, and traveling to Miami with the family

Good luck in your quest to land a “local hottie” because; this hottie is already spoken for—sorry fellas.
You can check in with me at: for Philly Ball Girl events and appearances; Tune in at to hear about everything entertainment; and

Also, Look out for Janita Applebaum’s Bootcamp coming to the Christian Street YMCA…It’s all about getting your body ready for the upcoming summer!


Anonymous said...

Tell that baby to stick her tongue in her j/k. What's up Janita? Making on yet another "hot people" list. Congrats. Feel free to drop off the child sometime for a visit. I've got lots of sharp things sticking out of the walls, but I'll clean it up just for you. :-) Oh and in case you haven't figured out who this is, they call me McLovin aka Webmaster. So you gonna hook me up with one of your Philly Ball Girls or what?