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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

And The Hottie Ain't Stoppin Til 11 In The Mo'nin


There's few things I'm proud of in this world. My Jose Canseco baseball card collection, my Jordan 5's, and my ability to party. After speaking with this hottie, she literally beats the balls off my ability to party. Tara is 32 and bartends at Babes Gentleman's Club in AC, and Maloney's. Maloney's is an after hours spot that stays open until.....noon. I've stayed up that late a few times, but I look like a crack fiend lookin for his next hit. Not only does she stay up, but she looks hot doin it! They say the way through a man's heart is through his stomach. That's partly true, but it never hurt to look good while your cooking. Tara can do both, and win over your stomach and your wang in one fell swoop. That's like a female superpower. Her superhero costume could just be an apron. Imagine the conversations, "Oh, (insert female superhero name here), what did you do today?" .... Tara: "oh nothing, made a fettuccine alfredo in my apron and then took down the world biggest meth dealer. The usual." That might make you feel pretty inferior when you can only respond with, "Oh really? I, ummm, shit. I had some lady with poor credit attempt to get a house!"..not quite the same huh. So, fellas, make sure you read todays post with the curtains shut, and take this hotties advice...

Tip of the Day

Q: When your out and about (not partying at a bar), what's the best way to approach a hottie?

A: Approach? I guess I like guys that are funny. Come up with a joke maybe.


Anonymous said...

That's a hottie I'd spank in a hot minute!

Anonymous said...

yea if you want someone trashy with gross tits