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Thursday, February 14, 2008

What's Valetines Day Mean To you?


Honestly, Valentine's day should be for both parties in the relationship. I don't want all the presents and dining. I would like a card with him writing something nice in it and the both of us cook dinner together. Most importantly, there shouldn't be a holiday where you celebrate how much you love that person. It should be celebrated everyday without materialistic things. This isn't bullshit either.


Valentines day is just another day.... Honestly I've never had a had a good one yet! And that goes for with, and without, having a boyfriend. Maybe this year will be better with my new boyfriend!


Im single... and valentines day to me is a holiday that two people who care bout each other spend together..... to many people loss sight on what it is really about... its not bout gifts and candy. its about feelings and being with the person that makes u happy....


I think valentine's day has grown more than just a day for couples now. its a day to go out and have fun with your single friends. because we all know that the couples will be together, and us single girls need to have fun too. so it's more than just a day for those taken. it definitly is now overrated and everyone acts like its this big holiday. to be honest i'd rather be with the girls at the club! ♥


Ok truthfully, i hate valentines day ! I think it is so blown out of proportion. Im not just saying that because i got out of a year and a half relationship, i have always been bitter during this holiday and i don..t know why. I guess maybe because even when your happy you have single friends around you who are lonely and it just makes me feel bad! Hey i guess you can thank hallmark for this one !!

Jacky Joy

Adult Film Star Extraordinaire

if you want my honest opinion about valentines day is that its so overplayed. I have a boyfriend and i still hate it! The only reason i pretend its something special to my boyfriend is so i can get expensive jewelry out of him or an awesome getaway! other then that its just another day!