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Thursday, February 28, 2008

Will The Real Local Hotties Pleases Stand Up..Please Stand up


Ok where the eff is Hackensack?? All these hot blondes seem to work at the Hooters in Hackensack. Certainly not Bensalem by me. Effin Bullshit. These Jersey girls are always fun and Jackie is no exception. 19 years old, and hailing from Jersey, Jackie slides into that barely legal category we've discussed before. Needless to day, I'm a fan of this hottie. I'm wondering when the Philly girls are gonna step back up.....these Jersey look to be sooo much more fun than you. Jackie's nickname is J-Bone, which is pretty gangster. Yeah, with an -ER. I've been thinking about my own nickname lately, and I think I wanna go with R-Bizzle or The Aw Shucks Kid. Everybody needs a good nickname. It's your seal of approval as a human. A-Rod, J-Roll, Dre, and Melo are all badass nicknames. So while I go pack u my shit and scribble down possible nicknamese (although by all Man Laws you can NOT create your own nickname), check out this hottie. Oh, and make sure the neighbos went to work before you do that thing you do....

Tip of the Day

Q: When your out and about (not partying at a bar), what's the best way to approach a hottie?

A: If your not in a bar setting and a guy wanted to approach you a simple smile at first would be great and if the girl is interested she will smile back.. and then your pretty much in. If the girl doesnt smile back.. Dont waste your Time. After she accepts the smile approach her with a hey, You look familiar line.. dont use a cheesie pick up line. After the Familiar line just start getting into converstation and ur sett.


Anonymous said...

goddam fuckin so hot

Anonymous said...

i don't know. her tits look hard/pointy and shes a little hefty. i have definitely seen better on this site

NJdude said...

speechless... she is gorgeous!!

Anonymous said...

i know this girl i saw this page on her away message because she needs people to think shes important. she is fucking huge in real life and i heard she fucks mad guys yo her pussy looks like roast beef i heard and it smells like a seafood market