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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Where My Hotties At, From The Front To Back, Tell Me Are Ya Feelin That?


Sorry for the late post today. I had a meeting that kinda ran overboard. Like you anyways, here is the lovely Kristina. This 23 year old hails from Bensalem, and can be found shoving drinks down your throat at the Clubhouse Bar and Grille in Newtown. Seriously, this is why I don't find women. My radars gone completely haywire. The Clubhouse is literally in my backyard, like a 15 minute WALK, and I had no idea they had this level of talent there. In fact, Kristina MAY have been the recipient of my worst pickup attempt ever. I paid with credit and signed the receipt and put my number at the bottom with a "call me" underneath (soooo gay, I know. At least I didn't put hearts or a smiley face). In my drunken stupor, I forgot I already took my receipt. So I grabbed the bar's copy and ripped that up too. Number and all, now leaving no form of payment. Not only was my attempt extremely lame, but then I made her work more, and have to figure out how to print up a new recipt for me to sign. Needless to say I left my number off that one, added some extra tip, and stumbled out. Tequila + Mind Erasers = Bad Pickup Attempts. Kristina likes to spend time hanging with her girls. Her girls are hot too! Plus she's a bartender, which is the ultimate profession for a hottie, because, as I've said before, there's nothing you can do that they haven't seen. I love the eyes on Kristina, and definitely the smile. This is a fun, classy girl who knows how to have a good time. What more could you ask for really?

Tip of the Day

Q: Besides staying in, what should a single guy do on Valentines day?

A: Make the make the most of it and hang out with single friends. There is always something to do even if ur single.