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Thursday, February 7, 2008

Please Hottie Don' Hurt 'Em...Oh, Oh, Oh (Like Mc Hammer..Get It?)


I hate Valentine's Day. I'll leave my corporate bickering to myself. Anyway, we've hit it hard with the blondes lately, so today we're bringing you a gorgeous brunette. Ang is 21 years old, and definitely seems like a party girl. Not like an out of control party girl, but a fun, life of the party, party girl. If you don't get that, I don't know what else to tell you, I'll learn Yiddish for next time. Ang has those traits that I love in a, sexy, confident, and can drink a longshoreman under the table. Seriously though, this hotties top notch for brunettes. I love the smile, the eyes, and definitely the stomach. Uncle Tomovan (Donnie Mac) never looked so good. You noticed the booty right? Ang kills that picture..."turn, pop the ass...soft smile over the shoulder." Kryptonite. How can you not love that? Even gay men are like "Honey, *snap* I'd hit that! Uh huuuh." Ang isn't all ass and no class though.. She's earning her way to a degree at Neumann College. So watch the eff out, she maybe smarter than you! Here Ang...can you explain yourself to these guys? I'm going to keep talking about your butt.

What makes me unique is my strong will and extremely wild outgoing personality.I love going out and dancing!! I would consider myself a party girl with a good head on her shoulders.I know how to keep my morals and responsiblitys in check. Theres no place where I attend and dont leave knowing everyones name. I am loud, friendly and confident. I think thats what makes a girl sexy. I have tendancys to be the loudest one talking, the first one dancing, the last one leaving, and being completly intoxicated past my limit haha. All i want out of life is to be happy and keep smiling!

We found a winner, fellas. You's be welcomed!

Tip of the Day

Q: What should a single person do on Valentine's day besides stay in?

A; I think what a single guy should do for valentines day is throw a party, get a few kegs, a few bottles of tequilla lol call all of his girls and boys and just throw a party. I bet more people and couples would come bc i think that more then half of the population thinks valentines day is completly over rated haha!!!