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Monday, February 11, 2008

Ever Since She Can Remember, She's Been Poppin Her collar


What has two thumbs and doesn't give a shit about Valentines Day?? This guy!! (pointing thumbs at myself like I'm John Travolta). I don't have to buy ridiculously expensive flowers, or pad Hallmarks bank account, so I guess that's the good part. On the other side of the coin, on the most Romantic day of the year, I'll be punch drunk hurling obscenities at every happy couple I see. Oh, to be young again. Today we have the lovely Lacey. I really dont have to say much, she does a very good job of describing herself. Talented, smart and beautiful...we just have to convince her that popping your collar is not a good idea.

A little bit about me: I'm Lacey! I'm 25 yrs OLD- uhh, can the birthdays stop coming? I'm a retired college cheerleader and a retired hooters girl. I'm currently pouting bc the giants won the superbowl- boo!!! I work for a commercial real estate firm and can't wait to start law school in the fall (fingers crossed). I love adventures- this could be anything from causing mischief at the bar to camping in the mountains. I think smiles (and stilettos) make the world a better place. Being happy has and always will be my number one priority in life. I believe in marriages that last. I love the beach-it cures any problem or anxiety you have! Music also does that, especially punk and emo music! I'm really independent. I've always rathered sleeping alone but then again maybe I haven't found the right person to sleep with. I need to be able to do my own thing. I don't believe in seeking approval from anyone. At 25 I get pleasure from simple things: martini's, stilletos, sushi, work, sucess, submitting law school apps, the gym, the "perfect jeans" and well, I'm sure you can guess the other thing :) I can't stand dirty dishes in the sink, yet I'm kind of messy. When it rains, I love to jump in the puddles and no, I don't care if I mess up my hair...

As far as guys and my single-ness: I've never been in love, yeah I know what you are thinking. My perfect guy is...someone who can be 6 years old again with me, someone who i can never stay mad at, someone who understands that I can't be the "only" thing in your life. I tend to dig the who preppy, surfer look. Yes, I actually am turned on by popped collars. I noticed match didn't list that in their turn on's and off's section, haha. I dig the flip flops thing year round. I'm a sucker for board shorts with a tan line! I like having a drinking partner- whether he wants to do it up in town or be my partner for one of my house's "infamous 90 cup" beer pong tournements. I want a guy who can look at me and tell me I'm wrong when I am. I'm not a princess, I can handle the truth. A little conflict is good for a relationship, it means you can handle it when things aren't always perfect. I want a guy who is secure with himself and the relationship. I will never grill you as to where you've been and with who. Whats the point of a relationship if you need to grill the other person? Trust is always a necessity. Flirt all you want because I know that you are coming home with me at the end of the night, if you didn't want to, you wouldn't - cut and dry. I don't believe in jealousy. Relationships are all about having someone to share your experiences with, if it ever takes away from your own happiness, it's not worth it. To have a sucessful relationship you must first be okay with being alone but then again what do i know, I've never been in love...haha

Sounds complicated, but worth the effort. Plus, I REALLY wanna play in a 90 cup beer pong tournament.

Tip of the Day
Q: Besides staying in, wat should a single person do on Valentine's Day?
A: And on february 15th (the real valentines day celebration) all the single guys should be busting out some fabulous dance moves at the Valentines Day Gala at the Crystal Tea Room in Philly. The proceeds go to CHOP. So if you don't wanna do IT for me...Do IT for the kids!

See, Local Hotties really is for the children. I don't lie.