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Friday, February 1, 2008

Wing Bowl, Beer, and Hotties...None Better


Wing Bowl 2008 is going on right now...Joey Chestnut wins Wingbowl 2008 again over 241 wings in 30 minutes. Yeah you heard it here first on the web. I can't imagine how this dude's bathroom trips are going to pan out over the next 3 or so about pain. Ha, its good to have drunken friends who don't have to work on this terrible terrible Friday. Now onto the hottie.

MILF Alert snitches...this hottie does not look like she could have any kids from her pictures. She is one to never back down and always speak her mind. Most likely she will be whooping up on that dude in the bar that you couldn't handle yourself. It's can tend to doing the dishes and laundry, pansy. She has no regrets and no limits hold her back. So, you better have your game face on if you wanna hang with this one. She has 2 awesome sons...that could probably whoop your ass too, so its looking like a lonely, rainy Friday for you sucka. She works hard and plays hard.........anyways Take it or leave it because otherwise you'll end up somebody's bitch.

Here is a little more from our hottie today.

What makes me UNIQUE???
My Boldness & Personality, it makes me SHINE!!!!
Today it's hard to meet someone that is not afarid to be bold and speek their mind. Many follow the dreams of others and have no clue until they walk into a poll that it's ok to be you. Boldness and Personality is what it's all about. You have to be sure of you or no one will notice you.

Tip of the Day

Q: If you wanted a perfect Valentine's Day gift...what would it be?

A: My perfect VALENTINE'S DAY gift would be a romantic dinner at LA VEANNA out side on the dock, champagne, great conversation and roses. ( Diamonds are always good. hint,