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Thursday, February 7, 2008

Cause This Butter Pecan Hottie Got The Sugar And The Spice


My name is Christina. Im a 22 yr old Teacher's Aide in Hamilton, NJ. I work in an autistic pre-school classroom. I love my job, i love children and i love to help out in anyway I can, makes me feel better inside. I'm single, and have no children ( yet ). I also work for Johnny Knockout Entertainment, the best and hottest company in Philly. We have so many sexy events coming up make sure to come see me and my ladies. Besides JKE i do a few other promotional events, and I am a model for lingerie, swimwear, pin-ups in PA and NY, along with that I help recruit models for Creative Design Network in NYC. I know sounds busy, but I love all my jobs, and I'm a very dedicated worker.

I'm originally from Northeast Philadelphia, I'm multi-racial PuertoRican, African American and German. I'm a virgo, so very strong willed, and out going. I get along with most anyone really, and I love all the friends I have, wouldn't trade them for anything. I love to dance, took four years in highschool and also did competitive cheerleading. I always say what's on my mind, or what my opinion is ( sometimes is gets me in trouble ). I set goals, and always achieve them.Also, very, very independent. I have been working since I was 14 by choice, and always liked to have my own money and my own things. I also hate to ask for help ( another thing that can be bad sometimes). All in All though, at the end of the day i'm just Christina. Yup that Puerto Rican Goodness !!

I can’t figure this hottie out but I love it. The assorted ethnic backgrounds make for a jumbalaya of a hottie. Just looks at Christina’s pics. In one she looks so innocent and sweet, then in the next one, she’s this "Knockout" sexpot. I’m digging the smile…big time. And she’s a special needs teacher. How many kids in that school are walking around kicking themselves, cursing god for making them normal? Christina is proof that you can be smart, and beautiful, AND make a difference. Yes, that’s proof that we don’t just get models and ditzy girls (which I don't believe we've ever had) I’ve just failed to point that out on a few, and I really could give a shit about your criticisms, Grandma. Understand that THIS is what our site is about…beautiful, educated women, who can afford their own shit, and don’t need a man to validate them. She has a respectable job, and we’re giving you insight on how to pick up women just like her. When she’s out, Christina oozes confidence and sexuality, but she’s really just a sweetheart girl next door. I’m a big fan of her smile to start….then definitely that J-Lo booty. There’s also something about being called Papi in an accent that can melt your pants. Christina is also friends with the lovely KristiAnn, who we had as our hottie on Tuesday. Duuuuude! Oh, and tune into HBO Boxing tonite which will be taking place at the Blue Horizon here in Philly. Christina’s gonna be a ring girl! That’s worth the price of admission. And if your not as lazy as me, and flipping channels isn’t your idea of a sweat breaking workout, you can actually get up and GO to the boxing match.

Tip of the Day

Q: What should a single person do on Valentines Day?

A: EASY.....Come see me and my sexy ladiez, and Johnny Knockout's Sexiest Event of '08 @ the Roxxy...Its Eye Candy !! Sexy models, cute bartenders...fantasies unleashed....just plain Sexy! I mean i love that i'm single this year, i'm a young, sexy, educated female with her own money to spend. Not to mention I will be @ The Roxxy having an amazing time and making money all at once, what else could I ask for. And if I get really lonely, i've always got my mami KristiAnn.!

"I've always got my mami, KristiAnn!" Go to town, fellas, go to town.