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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Here's A Story Bout This Hottie Named Renee That I Met One Day


23 year old Renee comes to us from Ambler, where she's a student and bartender. She's honestly gorgeous. And yes, that is a romance novel you can find her on the cover of. Check it at any Borders. Buy it if your literate. If your illiterate, you obviously wont buy it...or won't be reading this sentence. Romance novels remind me of Fabio coming through in an unbuttoned windswept shirt coming through to save this waning, beautiful woman and fulfill her unearthly desires and make her whole again. Renee has none of the typical problems of a Jackie Collins novel (I'm literally running around the house tryin to question people for the names of Romance novelists). Danielle Steel would describe Renee as an aspiring professional, navigating her way through this fast paced society. She's trying to fulfill her goals, and travel the world, while looking beautiful doing it. Thankfully, Renee isn't a 45 year old, thrice married housewife with nothing to do during the day except read romance novels. If she was this site would have just gotten verrrry wierd. Now, I would describe Renee as a hottie who's bartended long enough to give us some great listen the f@ck up!

Tip of the Day

Q: When your not at a bar, and just out and about, what's the best way to approach you?

A: I am a bartender and I here cheezy pick up lines all day every day and its a huge turn off. I think the best way to approach a hottie is with confidence....but don't let that come off as arrogance. I like when a guy is himself and is not trying to show off to get my attention cause then I just think he is lame. Chivalry really gets my attention from a guy because you dont see it too often these days. Just holding open a door might get you attention. Say you see a hottie in Starbucks, ask her what she is drinking so you can order the same thing. If her answer is short and sweet then just leave it alone but if it strikes up a conversation considering you both enjoy drinking coffee then you have already broke the ice. It is important not to come across too strong because hotties do not always want to be approached while going about thier daily activities. Guys learn to take a hint...if we are not opening up to you then most likely you are bothering us and we are not interseted. Remember just be yourself and dont use crazy stupid lines!