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Saturday, March 1, 2008

Atomic Bombshell's Anatomically Correct Dating Advice


This past week, I received two emails that were very similar. So I decided to step away from the usual Q & A and kill two birds with one stone. Let me break it down for you;

Email #1- Guy was dating a girl for six months and they broke up three months ago. He runs into her friend and starts flirting with her. He wants to know if it's ok if he tries to hook up with the friend.

Email #2- Guy has been having sex off and on with a girl for over a year. There is no real commitment and they are still seeing each other, here and there. He wants to bang one of her good friends. He doesn't understand why the girl that he is currently sleeping with is so upset?

Guys, please listen carefully to the following; IT IS NEVER OKAY TO BANG THE FRIEND OF A GIRL THAT YOU ARE HAVING SEX WITH. IT'S NEVER OKAY TO BANG YOUR EX-GIRLFRIENDS FRIENDS *UNLESS A VERY SIGNIFICANT AMOUNT OF TIME HAS PASSED SINCE THE BREAKUP. It's just sexual etiquette. It's not like a piece of food that you drop on the floor and there is a three second rule! Seriously! There are a million other girls that you should be trying to bang, friends are off limits! Besides, do you really want to sign up for the amount of drama that comes with that? And I would also like to add, that other girls find it very unappealing. (Yes, it will get out there and come back to haunt you at some point). Every conversation that this girl has for the next few months, will be about what you did. It's sad , but true. Girls sympathize because they hope that someone would never disrespect or hurt them in the same way. I know some guys could care less about what they bang or who. Really guys, it's too much bullshit for the booty AND it's just bad manners! There is PLENTY OF OTHER PU-NA-NA IN THE SEA!!!

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