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Thursday, March 20, 2008

The Young Boss Of The Cross For Four Quarters

I'm a diehard Iverson fan. My worst Sixers moment is when they finally gave up and parted ways with AI. I still got the Georgetown jersey, the 6 foot Iverson poster from his MVP year, and I was there when he crossed over Jordan, and snatched up that torch for a new generation. I've long made the argument that Iverson's affect on the game is the most similar to Jordan. At elast compared to Kobe, Vince, who else...LeBron. Not so much skill or talent wise...but look what Iverson changed. His "Keep It Real" attitude had fans across the globe sporting cornroaws, tattoos, and now armbands. He helped spread the game and change the overall face of the NBA. How many guys were compeltely tatted when AI came into the league? Few. Allen changed hte attitudes of the players..for better or worse, depending on who you ask. But you can't deny the effect he had on the game of basketball. So here's the video I spoke of earlier. Allen Iverson returning to Philly...