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Friday, March 7, 2008

This next song is about a young lady called Laura


Just looking at today's hotties pictures, you know she can party. She is from Jersey, but is a huge eagles fan. See pic below. You might be able to tell she has a "little" Italian in her..maybe she wants some Irish.....sorry bad joke. Next, Laura loves to cook. A hottie that can cook is probably one of the best gifts ever. Watching the birds with some home-made wings and beer with this one....nothing better. Laura also looks DAAAAAAMMNN good in a hat, yet again another thing thats hard to find. You can mark this one off as a keeper boys. She has that look that I wouldn't want to mess with either...probably end up whoopin' some ace.

So, lets recap. Hot, good girl, loves Eagles, good cook, looks damn good in hats...did I mention Hot. So, put down the Victoria's Secret Magazine you borrowed from your sister and listen to what this hottie has to say.

My name is Laura, and Im from Jersey. Im 24 years old and am a personal chef for a family in Sewell. Cooking is one of my passions even though I never went to school for it, I guess its the Italian in me. I love children however, I don't have any of my own yet. I love sports and am always up for doing new activities and getting involved in spontaneous adventures. God, my family, and friends are top priority in my life, yeah I guess you can say I'm a good girl!

Yet again....listen to this advice!!!!

Tip of the Day

Q: What is your absolute best piece of dating advice for guys??

A: Now men, for me laughter is extremely important, it makes women feel comfortable especially if its on the first date. Most good women want a respectable man. We're not all about the show-boatin! And please, be yourselves, and stay humble!