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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Hottie Can I, Just Pardon My Manners


Here we have it fellas.....Italian beauty comin at ya. MK is from Philly but you can find her spending a lot of her summer time in AC and on the beach. Why is it the Jersey girls all come to Philly and the Philly girls all go to AC?? She claims to be unlucky in love....sick of dealing with the "buts" of the world. "Well, MK, you're cute and cool, but....". Forget that, there's a quality to this hottie that I love. It's kinda of like the girl who lived down the road...always hung out, then one day you woke up and she was hot. What do you do then? If your me, you ignore her completely, except for when you ring and run her house. Smooth, I know. What do you expect from a 12 year old kid? There's also a level of class MK brings to the table. Don't expect to hit the town in your finest Camo shorts and t it up, son. How can you win this hottie's heart?? Just be yourself and make her laugh. That's all she wants. She claims to be one of the guys, but none of my buddies look like this. And they probably have much larger drinking and gambling problems. MK, you tell it well....let them know about you, hun.

Im outgoing, cute, loves to laugh and be goofy at times, very outgoing. have noo trouble meeting new friends. I like to travel, read, tv show LOST, my job, the BEACH, long walks off a short pier jk... lol... Umm I dunno i like to go out and have fun with friends, working out, going out to dinner... TRY TO LIVE LIFE TO ITS FULLEST, AND NEVER TAKE ANYONE OR ANYTHING FOR GRANTED. LOVVEEEE PETS...

Tip of the Day
Q: What is your absolute best piece of dating advice for guys??
A: well i believe that if you can make a girl laugh you can have her eating out of palm of their hands, dont try to hard just be themselves. I am single and its soo hard dating, im about to go on the bachelor for shits and giggles... I dont know every guy says same thing im cool BUT..... I HATE THE BUTS.... Lots of guys think of me as a friend... i dunno.. sometimes i wish i was born a guy. Who knows