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Monday, March 24, 2008

Michael Squints Palledorous walked a little taller that day. And we had to tip our hats to him.


Remember the movie Sandlot, when Squints pretends to drown so he can get mouth to mouth from Wendy Peffercorn?? Well, here's out Wendy Peffercorn.....and consider me squints. Devin is a 22 year old hottie who is a Coors Light Girl (piss water in a bottle), babysitter and year round lifeguard. I wonder how many times a year people pull the old Sandlot Miracle. I mean, even Yeah-Yeah was impressed, and that fat tub of lard Ham Porter was too! Benny the jet woulda taken his full ride to Neumann College had he known that Devin was gonna be there studying special education. So if I was in school, I'd even be in her classes! So this summer, Ill be tying my swim trunks tight around the waste, putting on my best goggles, and taking a face first plunge into the deep end. All for a chance to "Squint" the lovely Devin. The pool must be such a better place with lifeguards like this around. When she's not traveling to avoid the frigid weather, Devin likes to hit up the bars and get crazy with her girls. What a fun group, and if you ever get alcohol poisoning, she can save your life. Versatility ladies...that what we love.

Tip of the Day

Q: Whats your best piece of dating advice for single guys?

A: best piece of dating advice would be for a guy to just be himself and be goofy. girls love guys who can make them laugh. and if you like a girl, don't hit on her best friend. that's a big no no. haha


Francesca said...

girl you are too freakin cute!!! xoxo