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Friday, March 28, 2008

She Can Dance If She Wants To


Ahhh Rach. Rach used to be a cheerleader for 14 years, and now she's a hairstylist. This 21 year old hottie comes to us from Prospect Park. Rach is definitely a hottie. I think I'm a brunette guy. Look at the eyes too. This girl is hot and most likely is well aware of that. Now that she 21 she's a definite clubgirl. You can find her shaking her ass all across the city on the weekends. Rachel looks like she's really fun to hang out with. Never a dull she's got a I'm thinking there s a wildside to this one. But, I'm taking a new route today. I found this and some of the stuff on there is too good to pass up. So from her own mouth.... Heeeeeeeeeeeeeere's Rach.


1.Im very loud
2.Once i start laughin i cant stop,which is all the time
3.I wanna be a pornstar's hairstylist
4.I have no concept of death on my trampoline
5.I make up my own words
6.I love makin out!
7.I wear heals everyday to work
8.I sing opera
9.I dance like im sexy
10.I love Big hair
11.I love when guys load on cologne! biggest turn on
12.I was a cheerleader for 14 yrs
13.I chug alcohol out of the bottle like a champ!
14.I wear minnie mouse nitties to bed hah
15.I pick at my pillow
16.I jam out in the car
17.My nails and toes are always painted and clean
18.I have barbie feet
19.I have a tattoo on my butt and my hand
20.I always play with my nose ring so it looks like i pick my nose
22.I dip my fries in my milkshakes
23.I make the ugliest faces
24.I act like an idot 95% of the time...
25.I make animal noises (fav is chubaka)
26.I have to sneak food from my mom cause im always dieting
27.I am always the im always havin fun ..
28.I can threaten someone in french
29.I am obsessed with shoes

By the way...What the hell are Barbie feet?

Tip of the day

Q: What's your BEST piece of dating advice for single guys?

A: well i would say my best advice is beauty only catches the eye..but personality caputures the heart