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Friday, March 14, 2008

Hottie, Let's Make Love In This Club


Oh goodness. This here is a hottie! This 21 year old Hottie is in school to become a kindergarten teacher. I need to find my illegitimate children. They should be about kindergarten age by now so I figure, with the way teachers are looking these days, that I might as well start dropping my little mohawked ones off at school. Mini Rob B. Fresh will be showing up with his mohawk and playground pimpin tshirt on the first day of school. I'll teach him to act up to the point where I need to have "afterschool conferences" with his teachers, but not so much that they put him in the helmets only class. Anyway, JaymiiLee is reppin Philly today. She's a free spirit who's outgoing and loves to have a good time. Enjoying life is one of her top hobbies along with drinking Miller Lite 40's, although I myself am partial to Hurricane. That's proof that she really is from Philly. JaymiiLee, tell them somethin' they don't already know about you....

I'm a total dork to tell you the truth. you cant be too serious about life. I do whatever it takes to be anxiety free! I love art, music, i'm totally boy crazy (I know, I know) cant help it... i'm in college to be a kindergarten teacher! I love to go downtown to the bars.. but you will be surprised to know that Ive never been to a club! I really want to go!

Ok...let's go to the club and make like the new Usher song. I like the fact that JaymiiLee does'nt take anything too seriously. She fun, gorgeous, and always down for a good time. This right here is a winner.

Tip of the Day

Q: What is your best piece of dating advice for a single guy?

A: get to know the girl as a "friend" first.. less pressure on both of you, and the relationships usaully will work out a hell of alot better! you dont want to be with this "awesome" chick just to find a month later you scored with a total lunatic!

Speak for yourself JaymiiLee. At this point, I'm willing to score with just about anything.