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Thursday, March 6, 2008

Take Her To The Zoo, Rock. I Hear Hotties Like The Zoo


I'm sooo happy with myself today. I think today's hottie is exactly what this site is about. She's the Sex and the City type girl. Out to conquer the world in her Manolo's, not ready to settle til she finds what she wants. She's smart, professional, and fun. A great sense of humor. She's the hottie with the cute personality and the hot face. This is the type of hottie that when you walk in to the club, she might not be the first one you notice. But as you scan the crowd you keep seeing this one girl having a load of fun, and her hotness starts to quietly sneak up on a pedophile in the night. You notice....then she's getting hotter, and by the end of the night, you've GOT to know who she is. It's the type of hottie that you don't mind doing stupid shit with.. putting your manhood on hold for an hour or so. "Oh, you wanna go see Love and Music? Great let's go!" When else does that sentence come out of your mouth?? Only when this level of woman comes around. tell it better than I do...

My name is Lindzey. Im from Cleveland Ohio. I have been living on the East coast for a year now and I absolutely love it. My favorite place to be is walking down Kelly dr. with my Chihuahua Miss.Honey. Im a very girly girl but im not afraid to get dirty. I love to ride my horses. I am a sucker for a picnic in the park or even a game of tennis. Mostly im into art and history. Philadelphia has some fantastic architecture. I have spent whole days just walking around olde city admiring all the historic sites. the fabulous shopping and dining are definitely a plus. Im very spontaneous and love meeting new people. I have a degree in Fashion Merchandising and Im often buried in books about fashion or costume design. My idea of a great night is staying in ordering a pizza drinking wine and watching old movies. Don't get me wrong I definitely enjoy getting all dressed up and going out on the town for some champagne cocktails and sushi followed by hours of dancing. I'm just your average single girl trying to find her way in the big city armed with killer shoes and a great sense of humor.

Fellas, we stepped our game up today. Next time you go out...I expect the same level of play. Take her advice too, it's well thought out, and Lord knows your lazy ass can use it.

Tip of the Day

Q: What is your absolute best piece of dating advice for guys??

A: I think the sexiest thing about a man is confidence. Im a little old fashion and I like a gentlemen. first of all if your out and you see a girl your attracted to think about what your going to say. girls love genuine compliments. For example compliment her on her hair or her shoes. Dont be like every other guy who says nice eyes. The most important thing is to give a girl respect. Nothing turns me off like a guy grabbing my arm or dancing with me uninvited. Just be cool, calm, and confident. The best way to save yourself from an awkward moment is to give a girl the eye. Dont ogle her but give her an admiring glance. If you make eye contact with her and it lasts for a few seconds your good to go. As for dates talk to a girl on the phone a few times before you go out. this will help you get to know her a little bit. If she's Italian take her to little Italy. They have great little romantic family owned restaurants. If she likes the outdoors take her to the zoo or Longwood Gardens. Bar's are usually not the best idea. Its hard to get to know someone when your screaming 2 inches from their ear. So be creative and when all is said and done if their isnt a love connection it could be a great friendship in the making. Good luck, its a jungle out there...


Anonymous said...

My cousin is smokin the damn thing girl!!

Anonymous said...

lindsay is so hoooottttt!!! she is a spicy chica!! xoxo