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Saturday, March 29, 2008

Atomic Bombshell's Anatomically Correct Dating Advice

Dear Atomic Bombshell,

I have this friend that turned into a booty-call situation. We are having a massive fight because she admitted to having feelings for me. I told her I didn't feel the same so things got weird and we stopped seeing each other for like 2 months. We ran into each other and started hooking up again. She said some things that sounded very relationship like and I told her again that I don't feel the same way about her. She started freaking out, screaming at me about hooking back up with her. I ALREADY TOLD HER. Why is she blaming me and freaking out if I already told her? Why isn't she getting it?
-Just not that into her

Dear Just not that into her,

Let me help put things into perspective for you. Let's say Johnny Depp (who I have been crushing on like a high school girl) invites me to his place for a drink. I know he has a common-law whatever her name is, with kids and so on.. But the way his eye lashes are so dark, it rims his perfectly shaped eyes. I say yes. I know it's wrong. It turns out, he is witty, artsy and everything I imagined he would be, right down to the way he smokes his cigarette. He asks to see me again. I know my feelings are going to get hurt later on and this whole thing is morally wrong. I still go. Why? Because of the way I feel when I'm with him and the fact that he wants to spend time with me makes me hopeful. BEING SMITTEN WITH SOMEONE CAN BE A POWERFUL THING. Just because you told her that you didn't feel the same way, the fact that you went back to have sex with her, KNOWING she had deeper feelings for you, makes it wrong. Yes, she should have turned your ass away and shut you down. If you really have nothing for her, than you are the stronger one here and you should have said no. Especially if you were friends before all this stuff happened. Of course she is going to be hopeful. In her mind, she put her feelings out there and time went by and you hooked up again. That's why she is freaking out. Women are more sentimental creatures. Sex for us, almost always has emotions attached to it. If you really don't feel the same way, STOP HOOKING UP WITH HER!

Atomic Bombshell
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