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Wednesday, March 5, 2008

He can't get with me spittin this shit Wickedly lickety shot Spickety spickety split lickety

Sarah aka Lickety Split

When I saw the nickname Lickety Split, I couldn't help but think of 8 mile. Luckily, this girls not from the "313" or the "Free World", she's more proof the Philly is at least hotter than Detroit. A college graduate with a smile to match her brains, Sarah's a motivated hottie looking to make a difference. Just listen to what she has to say about herself....

I have my BA in professional writing and I currently work at a local law firm. I enjoy going out with my girlfriends on the weekends, the local bar scene is always a good time. My interests include: hiking, off roading, biking, rock climbing.. anything outdoors. Every day I strive to be a better person than the day before. Wether or not that means by making more money or by forming stronger relationships with friends or be it boyfriends; I want my life to make sense. I strive to be happy.

You know what they say abut mountain girls? I don't either but someone asked me that before, and the way they asked it, I think I shoulda known. Google it. Let me know what they say about mountain girls. Now everybody from the 2-1-5 get your mutha...yeah right. I dont rap. I was gonna kick a little somethin for the hunnies, but I gotta go make it rain. I'm gonna grab as many weak rap cliches as I can and throw them in here. Nevermind, that's boring...Read her advice. Sarah took her time to give us a good don't let the advice pass you by

Tip of the Day

Q: If you had one piece of advice for guys, what would your BEST advice be?

A: What I love most about men is their ability to relate to what I'm talking about. I want someone who can hold a conversation with me, but not talk about themselves soo much that they portray themselves as cocky or conceited. If I could give one piece of dating advice that isn't cliche it would be... the best way to win the heart of a woman is to look at her as if she is not only the most beautiful woman in the world, but to glance at her as if she is the only woman who can win your heart.