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Monday, March 3, 2008

F@ck the Comb's ...Hotties Tryin To Keep Up With The Jones'

Kristen A

Today we bring you a little slice of heaven from the suburbs. Doylestown born and bred Kristen is a hottie to die for. Check out the smile, the body, but what you can't see is her awesome personality. She's an office assistant by day, and a Chambers Bar tubgirl by night. Besides this outstanding personality, Kristen also offers up a hardcore workout routine. I mean, its obvious she works out, but she NEEDS to stay in shape for the bikini parties she frequently attends. Nothing says "Summer get here" like a bikini party on Christmas. How the hell do I get invited to a bikini party, and why have I never been to one? I'm gonna have to talk to my agent...aka me, and have a little sit down. I may fire him for lack of social outings on my calender. Unless you consider townie bars and dart games social functions. I do not. Kristen enjoys staying hot a having a sexy time on the weekends. Again, WTF, why can;t I find girls who wanna have a sexy time. I find not-so-hotties who wanna scrapbook and trade mushy text messages. Luck of the Irish my ass. Maybe God's punishing me for Hitler since I'm part German. Anywho, check out the lovely Kristen at Chambers in Doylestown some night. Make sure you tip wisely, and drink responsibly. Heh, I always get a kick out of that last part.

Tip of the Day
Q: When your out and about (not partying at a bar), what's the best way to approach a hottie?
A: I would say the best way is to just be yourself. Don't come up to me with some BS like "I know I am way out of your league but...." If you know I am out of your league don't try. Just bring your A game and make it hot.