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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

I Know She Got It Cause She's Lookin' At Me Like She Want It


Less than a week til the Phillies Home Opener!!! I got my tickets...if you don't have yours, you're shit out of luck. Sold out, son. Today we've got a preschool teacher comin at you from Jersey. Time to stake claim to your lil' illegitimates, and get them into preschool quick! These teachers in these schools are top notch hotties. (SIDENOTE: That would be my rap name...Lil' Illegitimate.) When she's not mentoring today's infants, Deidre can be found studying psychology at Rowan University. I actually made a stop there this winter for a basketball game. The campus sucked cause there were no directions...the basketball team had no fans, cause they made the women's game the "primetime" game, so everyone showed up late. Which was better for's easier to heckle in an empty gym. Just ask the ref. Deidre is 22 years old and loves hangin out with the girlies, who she says are always a crazy time. Crazy girl...hmmmmm..... not so much....Crazy Hot these ones. Book it! So take Deidre's advice, and go find yourself a hottie like this.

Tip of the Day

Q: What's your best piece of dating advice for a single guy?

Q: best piece of dating advice would be for a guy to just be himself and be goofy. girls love guys who can make them laugh. and if you like a girl, don't hit on her best friend.

Don't hit on her best friend.....sadly some of us may not have known that. MULLIVAN!