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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Oh Say Can You See.............Jackie


Top O' the Morning to Ya... I know most of you drunkards are nursing some serious hangovers with your coffee and 48 ounces of water after yesterday's Irish affair. Yesterday was dedicated to Ireland and boozing to be honest. Today, we would like to support the red, white, and blue.....literally. The American flag that Jackie is sporting is unbelievable. She comes to us from the Dirty Jers. She's 20 years and a hopeless romantic that likes to play the guitar. She is also is a big fan of the shore. This girl is the total, talented, loves the beach, loves football, and a good girl. Looks like I'm missing out on another one fellas. O yeah, last but not least check out those tats. Jackie sing that anthem girl.....
"I'm a laid back girl that just likes to hang out with the boys. I'm no girlie-girl haha. When i go out i LOVE to dance and have a good time. my favorite place to hang out would just be a local pub. But when it comes to football season you'll see me either in the parking lot at the game or at a friends house with a beer in my hand and my jersey on my back! Don't get me wrong tho, I can clean up and be one sexy Patriot Girl."

Tip of the Day

Q: What is your best piece of dating advice for a single guy?

A: My best dating advice would be for you guys to be yourself! Don't put up a front to try and impress a girl.... we catch onto that stuff. Personally i like a guy that can crack jokes and be fun and outgoing. Why don't you try acting like you do with the guys around a girl (just not so perverted). We like to hang out and watch football and wrestle around too! So go out and have fun. Don't be so uptight. We have one chance in life, make the best of it!! Go out and meet a fun loving girl!
-Jackie <3