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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

We Run The City, But We Don't Dance Around Like Diddy


L-Town what?!...I don't think we've had a Levittowner for a while on these here pages. I had to switch around the rotation this week because we just had tooooo many brunettes. I know you blonde lovers out there were going into withdrawal. Like an meth addict, I just can't get enough of the sultry Lori. She's a nanny by day, and hottie by night. Seriously, having a nanny like this would do serious harm to any marriage I might ever have. If any of my childrens ever come to light, and I need a nanny, I'm going to the local weight watchers to find her. I'll stand in line and just scan the crowd. Hmmmmm deuce...deuce and half...your my nanny! Or I'll hire supernanny, cause there's absolutely nothing hot about her and her accent. Lori is definitely a girly girl. She likes to wear pink, and she seriously loves to shop. She shops "like its my job" but luckily at least she HAS a job with which to make money to afford her habits. Unlike me, who enjoys putting bartabs on already overrun credit cards. Lori's got a tight little package to compliment her great eyes. Anywayyyyys, I'm a fan, and definitely check out her advice. She took some time to deliver us her help, so here's how to impress a girl like Lori.

Tip of the Day

Q: What's your best advice for a single guy??

A: don't try to hard too impress a girl bc you'll end up doing something dumb and/or looking like an ass. also, if your shy-break out of the shell. be aggressive, but not too creepy child molester like aggressive lol