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Monday, March 24, 2008

The Balls, and Someone Who Just Smells Like Balls

Ok, I'm always looking for some interesting new Philadelphia information to throw up on this lovely site. and I found it. Pictured above are AJ Daulerio...the scrappy lil' fella who wrote about us on (and his best work can be found at I might be highjacking this picture, but it's too priceless to leave alone. And on the right, the greatest Hall Of Famers who never made it to the hall of fame...Mike Mamula. Oh you remember Mamula....the linebacker full of mediocre stats, who built a paycheck base on combine workouts. Well where is he now?? Odd, cause I actually had this conversation this weekend, and the Eagles gods pissed on my parade. Apparently he's not a gay pornstar with a funny least not according to this article. We're talking about Mamula. Not AJ.....I swear. Click this link....

PS...The person who smells like balls is Mamula. He works out hard.
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